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(English) What are the Advantages of Qsystem

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You can choose qmagic to monitor branch performances in remote locations and provide a unique customer experience for competitive advantage. It will provide satisfactory use for your cautious customers, especially in waiting areas.

Corporate firms and businesses can experience significant problems when they do not find the right business solution in their daily routine. A business plan that can be organized properly both satisfies the customer and allows organizations to do faster and result from oriented work.

What is changing in your company with tail management systems?

Increased customer waiting times also increase the idle time of employees. Customers who are exposed to unfair services will request the same service from different institutions. This causes you to lose customers. If your customer is running low, the company will increase its costs.

You can use qsystem to get one step ahead of your competitors. This system is a complete customer experience platform with a general definition. This platform prepares predictions during customer flows. You can even track customer intelligence dynamically by providing answers in real time.

Your customers are satisfied with the services they receive. Real-time customer satisfaction surveys can also provide direct contact with the customer. This systematic daily work plan ensures that your business results in more efficient and faster results.

What is Kiosk?

Kiosk devices that reduce the workload of individuals who work in the institution also accelerate the operations. Devices located in public areas are also used for information purposes. It is used in various institutions and organizations such as invoice payments

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, debt inquiry. Product distribution services can also be provided via these devices. This will save you time.

These devices are very easy to install and have a low cost. It can be used actively in different areas for data collection purposes. In this way, you can analyze the data of a particular segment in a very practical way. With these devices, personnel costs can be saved.

You can halve the time that personnel use when processing. The quality of service is increased in this way. Customers don’t waste time. It’s faster.

Patient Flow Management Systems

It is a life-saving arrangement that the whole system works as integrated with hospitals. In this area, patient management systems are integrated with patient reception, orientation, sorting and interaction parts of all departments and clinics with patient flow management. In addition, optional appointment planning is also provided.


A solution with a central server allows the patient flow to be managed with all stages and aspects. These include prioritization, orientation, treatment, preparation, administrative work and payment. The system that manages the treatment and waiting rooms also synchronize with the back office business mind.

Informing the patients and their families about the procedures such as laboratory results analysis can be provided. With many advantages and benefits, these systems add speed and professionalism to the operation of your organization.

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(English) What is Qmagic

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The master queue management system control software package, qmagic, doesn’t just queue people right. The user-friendly interface provides a seamless and easy-to-use system that integrates with the enterprise.

Qmagic Benefits

With the system, you can save costs and create a system where you can make more decisions for businesses. You can control employees while watching. In this way, you can see how effectively all businesses or individuals are in the system. You can also get instant feedback by learning what customers think about the service.

Qmagic Main Features

Once installed, the qsystem has multilingual support. General Directorate has the ability to manage more than one branch fully. Customer segmentation support is provided and detailed reports are prepared on the branch and headquarters. You can connect online through the website without going to the branch and also support ticketing on the mobile device.

Temporary time monitoring of branches is also possible, and easy integration support is available for the customer satisfaction survey device. Digital signage management can be provided by a centralized application.

Customizable Kiosk Screens

There are different button designs in the software, it is possible to add text, video and reject on the kiosk. With professional editing software, design limits can be enforced. In Kiosk management, the branch configuration is always integrated with the central branch. When the disaster recovery is needed by the kiosk, the branch configuration can be restored in a very practical way with its central integrated service.

Benefits and Benefits of Patient Flow Management Software

The most important benefits of the patient flow management system are the regulation of patient flow to improve the level of service. Pending leads as an integrated customer. The system keeps the visitors spacious. In this way, control is provided in the personnel. The system makes significant contributions to the quality of medical treatment.

The system brings unique advantages to your planning. Among these, surgery rooms, laboratories, emergency departments, such as medical processes in general, providing flexibility to meet. It is scalable throughout the hospital and brings solutions. Remote configuration, easy maintenance advantages, as well as hardware and software installation problems,  will not occur.


Starting from the management of the hospital, the flow in all departments, as well as the discharge of the patient

, is managed successfully. Planning with medical appointment management. This supports many complex processes. The system can be integrated into the existing appointment planning system. Alarm notifications are also very important. In these cases, staff are warned of long waiting times, unusual situations and emergency cases.

General features include quality, reliability and 100 per cent customer satisfaction. Online or on-site customer support is available for all partners. Real-time reports are prepared with integrated reports.

With tools that give better control to managers, you can save time and get efficiency in the work area. You can communicate with all your customers in different areas and keep track of branches in real time.

Patient flow management

(English) Serve your customers within the layout you set

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In order to provide quality service to your customers, you can make a difference by choosing qsystem that is compatible with your corporate identity. While distributing sequence numbers to your visitors, you can give information about the time required for the service they want to receive. By taking the demands, you can implement the necessary task changes in the background thanks to devices that provide effective data communication. You can contact our experienced teams in order to benefit from our high-quality services where software and hardware are considered as a whole.

Provide Customer Satisfaction Over Expectations

With a number of worries

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, you can ensure satisfaction by building trust on your customers. Patient flow management makes a difference for those who want to provide operational efficiency. The service time is shortened, accompanied by analyses conducted in accordance with the request entered or the previous history of the patient. You can move your business to the future with technologies that make a difference for organizations that want to manage customer relations successfully.

Qmagic software, which has the ability to prioritize the transactions of the customers who are waiting because of their work intensity, enables the evaluation of employee and manager performance from the centre. Systems that provide fair data usage in the determination of personnel with low performance facilitate the determination of periods that require additional staff. The system that can evaluate the days and times of low intensity, arranges online appointment requests accordingly. Technologies that have life-saving importance in various sectors and especially in health institutions determine a fair and controlled waiting period.

Efficient Planning and Efficient Service

Qmagic devices that allow real data to be evaluated for effective planning are suitable for shaping the system according to supply and demand. In this way, it is ensured that the institution shapes the service method according to demand in a living way. Systems that eliminate the sorting problems help to use the information they receive in the background. When the incoming customers come to the counter, they will be informed about the services they will receive.

From the first moment of use, systems provide various benefits and service flow is provided as desired. The LED screens, which each visitor can use in a simple way, are available in different languages. Thanks to the measures that increase customer loyalty, you can always place yourself as a preferred company. The sense of trust towards the systems that makes the sorting process easy to do without external intervention is well developed.

Devices Supporting Special Needs

Choosing the kiosk that supports the special needs of the institution, you can make voice announcements or give the message you want during the welcome. You can make mutual and real-time conversations with interactive boards and get customer requests instantly.

patient flow management, qmagic, qsystem, kiosk

(English) Support Your Service Quality with Next-Generation Technologies

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You can maximize your service quality with patient flow management designs with a wide range of products. You can increase the energy of the environment with the devices to be selected according to the drying and needs. By using products with different functions, it can be ensured that the efficiency of in-house personnel is shaped according to the new generation working concept.

How to Choose the Right Kiosk?

Designed for the perfect experience of patients and visitors, qsystem models provide the fastest transfer of information. Transferring all kinds of information about the number of visitors to the background is important in order to make the necessary preparations before the service without wasting time.

In a workplace where there is a busy workflow or where multiple services are provided in the same environment, a fair service can be provided by employing sequentially. Thanks to the systems that enable many people to receive regular service within the same time frame, staff efficiency is also drawn to the levels that should be. The importance of directing the visitors to the right unit as well as the rapid flow of traffic in the intensive health institutions should not be ignored.

Designs with Corporate Identity

The choice of the qmagic terminal, which is made according to the place of use and the purpose, provides integrity with the aesthetic decoration. It is important to make the systematics that will be realized by taking into consideration the sector needs to be adapted to the workflow. User demands are met in the most accurate way thanks to the systems which can be updated periodically according to the need.

In particular, the units used to measure the quality of service in branches affiliated to a centre contribute to the development of the ability to analyze. Information collected on the main server can be evaluated according to the desired parameters. The reports to be made according to different dates, times and periods can be read efficiently by the authorities in order to take necessary measures to prevent disruptions.

Qmagic devices

, which provide trouble-free operation and sufficient flow of information, are well equipped. The software that provides the fastest processing is extremely safe and protected against the possibility of abuse. Easy-to-use devices are eye-catching and placed at the entrance of the space to ensure the highest level of communication quality. Matters designed in accordance with the standards and regulations of the organization are used to regulate the intensive workflow.

Allow Visitors to Navigate to the Right Service Unit!

Current call automation provides user comfort and service quality especially in institutions with intensive service demand. Accurately directing people to the service they want to receive is one of the advantages of using the kiosk. Especially in health institutions, patient and patient relatives are provided with services in a comfortable and comfortable environment, indispensable for creating a contemporary environment.

The technologies that are necessary to prevent loss of time by entering information from the beginning in the processes requiring processing and continuation, also allow the visitors to follow the order of operations in different places. This is a very important privilege not only for customers but also for employees.

Patient Flow Management System

(English) Check the service times in your hand

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With our new generation of technology-supported services, you can move your quality understanding to higher levels in customer satisfaction. Qsystem devices, which we offer in accordance with different needs and locations, ensure that customer waiting times are brought to the best levels. Arrays that are the most accurate equipment to perform an effective staff performance measurement are maintenance-free and long-lasting.

You can meet customer demands in queue management …

Do you want to keep your visitors in less crowded areas, public institutions or offices where different services are offered together? We provide a unique service experience with our patient flow management solutions. In addition to meeting the increasing demand in health institutions, the systems that allow the collection of preliminary information about the patient can be tailored to the needs.

Qmagic designs are used to ensure that visitors are required to receive services in order, or that private customers are entitled to the specified advantages, ensuring that customer expectations are best met. In addition to relieving the low density, the systems which provide the service to flow in order attract attention with its ease of use. Thanks to the terminals placed in an area where everyone can see the entrance to the venue, transaction requests can be placed in a certain order.

Do Your Daily Business Plan in accordance with Incoming Requests!

Consoles with a decorative appearance, LED displays can be used comfortably by everyone. You can also get support from technology for accurate evaluation of daily demands and efficient evaluation of visitor traffic. At the same time, with the qmagic software that manages the communication traffic, the information of the person requesting the service is reflected on the service screen. From this point of view, a serious time-saving system is important in terms of eliminating the problems that may arise between customers or patients.

Our products, which have advanced traffic regulation software, are well equipped to meet the special demands of different sectors. Devices that meet the daily needs efficiently can be customized with additional accessories. The products used to provide a controlled waiting time as well as fair, are also ideal for measuring staff productivity. The workflow plan can be changed momentarily by means of systems that determine how much service demand is coming in the field.

Which product is suitable for your needs?

We can determine your kiosk needs to bring you the quality that will separate you from your competitors. You can choose between queue systems

, customer feedback devices and thermal printers, and you can immediately begin to notice the benefits of your workflow. Card readers, number entry or models to be enriched with barcode readers help you to catch up with the standards of the age.

With QMAGIC products with a wide range of products, you can start using the product that suits your needs and budget. You can increase the energy of the environment and maximize the motivation of your employees with the models designed according to the institution. By making the right choice, you can ensure that your patients and visitors can make trouble-free use and make a successful data transfer.

Patient Management System

(English) Productivity Offering Qsystem

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Customer satisfaction is always at the forefront for different sectors around the world. To create a key customer potential is accurate and systematic and working is of great importance. In particular, qsystem, which will reduce the waiting period and provide a solution from the base of the queue problem, is among the technological solutions that provide effective solutions. Every step of the organization should be planned in order to achieve effective efficiency during the day and to ensure that the customers are satisfied. The system that makes this plan and orders effective, solves the complexities that may occur.

Comfort with Patient Flow Management System

One of the most important advantages provided by the system is the simultaneous planning comfort provided by patient flow management. Regardless of the studies carried out in different institutions and organizations in terms of patients, it organizes the arrangements. For example, it takes a shorter period of time for maintenance work. At the same time, the bed capacity is raised to the highest point.

Organized support is obtained in combination, as it takes the entire organization in a common plan. Thus

, a satisfactory supply-demand arises and patient care is carried out much more effectively. Therefore, many different sectors together with the patients nowadays offer an effective solution. This high-tech system, which is used in many different hospitals around the world, continues to enter tens of thousands of institutions every year.

Efficient Working Environment with Qmagic

Qmagic provides an effective solution for a more efficient and orderly organization of an organization to be realized. Qmagic, also known as queuing system software, provides an effective presentation of many different works. For example, reporting, templates, voice announcements and many more features are supported.

It is evaluated not only in hospital areas but also in many different sectors which will come to mind together with the airport. Thus, staff and customers can be followed more regularly. It also offers powerful savings in use. The system, which has many references all over the world, has provided much greater confidence.

Kiosk System

Systems that establish mutual contact with appointment or appointment client come to the fore as kiosks. Under the flow method, it can also be referred to as the heart of the system. It has the principle of working without any computer. Thus, the necessary needs for all customers can be programmed with the patients. The advantage of the display is information on the sequence number, promotional messages, fees to be paid and life information such as the meter or clinic.

Advantages of Qsystem

Qmagic is of great importance in order to strengthen service efficiency in different sectors. Particularly in the name of an effective management procedure, the system offers a direct advantage. It provides great convenience to keep the queues in the order in order to achieve customer satisfaction. There are factors such as detailed productivity reports, optimizing resource allocation for administrators. Thus, the customer flow increases. This system offers the best methods to avoid loss of customers due to a bad tail.


(English) Service Efficiency with Qsystem

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Qsystem is used in various commercial and governmental organizations. The system is quite advantageous in general. One of these advantages is a fair and controlled waiting period. You can achieve more efficient results when you plan each step in an organization. And as a result, your customers are satisfied with your services.

Patient Flow Management System

Effective planning in real time is safer and more efficient for patients. Patient flow management, which you can see as an innovative solution

, provides improvements throughout the hospital. In addition to maximizing the bearing capacity, maintenance time is shortened. Combinations in the system ensure a common working environment. This results in effective patient care. The system manages supply and demand. There are three parts in the bed method. They are also linked to services in the field of patient transport. The system, which is used in many hospitals around the world, adds new firms with 60000 installations each year. There are some basic elements of the system.


Designed to keep track of all your ranking problems, your employees and your patients more efficiently, qmagic contains useful information. You can make significant savings from the first year you start to use. In addition to being the main queue system software, it supports many features. These can be listed as templates, reports, voice announcements and central management. The fact that the system has many references around the world is also insurance for you to use safely.

Touch Screen Kiosks

The heart of the patient flow method is the kiosk. These devices provide the first contact with the customer and guide patients without appointment or appointment. There is no computer required to use these devices. All units that the patient may need are programmed in this area. The device has a binary message board. The patient screen is the second part. These parts can use as many units as needed. Its large monitors enable staff and patients to continuously update vital information. These screens include paid fees, promotional messages, sequence number, even number of visits that can be visited, and vital information such as the clinic and the counter.

Advantages of QSystem

Qmagic will increase your service efficiency and increase your revenue. Having a good management procedure provides important advantages. It is among the most advantageous features to keep the queues organized and to increase customer loyalty. Giving customers the opportunity to move in the lobby will stop long lines. In this way, staff efficiency will be ensured. Detailed efficiency reports can also be obtained by optimizing resource allocation to administrators. The technologically advanced system helps independent and PC-based work. All these features increase your customer flow. It also allows you to manage the queues more successfully. Bad tail conditions will affect customers negatively. Your competitors’ self-improvement in this sense may cause you to lose customers who are not satisfied with their expectations. With this system, both these problems can be prevented and staff efficiency can be improved.

patient flow management, qsystem, qmagic

(English) Use Real-Time Reports for a Good Planning

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Hospitals, health care institutions and companies that serve in different sectors, with the help of customers, you can maximize customer satisfaction. Products with ease of use can be designed according to corporate identity. Time-saving patient flow management systems for patient and patient relatives also help to make the necessary preparations in the background. Thanks to the dashboards, the units, which can be easily used in large areas, enable the visitor and the organization to collect information about the operations.

Successful Information Transfer Saves You Life!

Qsystem technologies, which enable successful transmission of information, run fast. Thanks to the systems on which various functions can be added, visitors can learn the time they need for their operations. In the institutions providing services in different areas, users provide information about the process they want to do on the system and in the short term, the staff provides data flow for the work plan to be done correctly. The first contact with the visitors is the machines that represent the quality service concept with their LED screens, stylish designs, institutional features and user interfaces.

The devices used to meet the increasing demand in places where the intensive workflow is experienced or in certain periods, ensure the correct management of the traffic generated. New generation solutions that are supported by technology are also effective in directing people to the right service unit. In a spacious environment and with a contemporary understanding, visitors waiting for their services can wait in different places to follow their business. Schedulers that are indispensable not only for customers but also for corporate managers and employees can be used in accordance with changing customer expectations.

The Importance of Device Selection in Congruence with Institution Structure

Considering the size, institutional structure and needs of the kiosk, our experienced teams make recommendations according to customer needs. Transactions which can be revised by periodically authorized persons are renewed taking into consideration the periodic alternatives. Thanks to the software that enables the monitoring of the workload according to the demand, the managers can take the necessary measures without delay. Matters providing a contemporary working environment can be evaluated to be active in the service counter that is appropriate to the number of chips.

For each staff; Reporting can be done via qmagic units which provide access to real information such as a number of transactions and average processing time. In particular, systems that provide a fair evaluation in performance measurement can provide separate monitoring facilities as branches and headquarters. Management personnel taking measures based on real data while planning personnel provide satisfaction in the work environment and gain satisfaction in the eyes of the customer.

Special Services for Multi-Branch Institutions

The data obtained can be controlled separately from the head office and branches. Qmagic systems

, which enable the evaluation of any kind of demand, reveal the importance of planning. Our services, which provide efficiency by providing quality and reliable products to users, are maintained with a focus on 0 customer expectations. Our queuing systems today show that a new era has started in more than 7000 countries with more than 7000 applications. You can also use our services to communicate effectively with your customers.

(English) What Are the Features of Patient Management Software

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As a healthcare provider, your first priority is caring for patients and the buildup of everyday tasks like paperwork

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, scheduling and billing can get in the way of that. What is patient management software anyway? A patient management system is also known as clinic management software, patient manager software, medical patient software or medical practice management software(MPM). It refers to a number of efficient automated systems designed for tracking patient information, diagnoses, prescriptions, interactions and encounters within healthcare organizations like medical clinics or hospitals.

Some of these software applications focus on general patient management while others address specific processes such as inpatient tracking or blood testing. What they all have in common is that they make your job as a care provider smoother and more manageable. The FDA now considers software like this its own category of software as a medical device, so it’s important to know what’s what in this field!

Compare Top Patient/Practice Management Software Leaders

Benefits of Patient Management Automation. Patient management information systems offer a range of benefits to providers big and small. Here are just a few of them: Ease Overburdened Staff Administrative staffing is one of the big drivers of high healthcare costs. Automating routine processes like patient flow management helps medical clinics and hospitals minimize their administrative expenses. It does this by reducing the amount of data entry tasks your front desk staff is expected to perform, which lets them make the most of their working hours. It also helps maintain efficiency — by easing workloads, it lets the same number of staff members perform better, more meaningful work.

Practice Management

Solo practices benefit significantly from patient/practice management systems because of their limited resources. A patient management app helps streamline every element of a medical office including recordkeeping, charting, patient appointment scheduling, claims processing and billing functions. While larger organizations may purchase a software solution for each of these individual needs, small offices can get everything they need in a convenient package. With MPM, providers get instant access to patient information and a reliable method for updating charts, noting medications and other important data. Accurate billing and bookkeeping keeps the practice running smoothly and makes sure your financial situation is squared away.

Timely Patient Care

Larger clinics and hospitals can enjoy similar benefits to smaller ones but have the added bonus of making patient-related processes more efficient. Because large practices have a heavy patient flow, the scheduling features of MPM is crucial to operations. Having an organized patient intake flow can mean the difference between a calm, orderly waiting room and a packed hotbed of irritation and frustration. A comprehensive management program enables immediate record transfers, enhances patient workflow and eliminates treatment errors that result from inaccurate or incomplete paper records. The best patient management software allows providers to deliver timely, accurate and better-quality patient care.

qsystem, qmagic, kiosk

(English) You can get everything under control

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Resource planning can be done correctly with patient flow management solutions, which reduce service times at different service points. Thanks to the systems where patient and patient relatives’ data flow is ensured uninterrupted, customer recognition needs are best met. This time-saving application for users is also necessary to ensure fair management. Thanks to technologies that enable effective communication with customers, performance & satisfaction measurement can be done in real terms.
Easy-to-use Touch Screens
Qsystem devices equipped to meet the needs of each user have easy operation. The software provides the most information about the user with short questions and allows the visitors with special status to be evaluated differently. In simple terms, systems that are seen only as a row-making machine can be integrated with various auxiliary details. Matters that give the cards with the corporate logo, transaction time, service place and estimated waiting time can be designed in different forms depending on the application area.
Qmagic units that can be used as a dashboard or as an information panel can support the energy in the environment as an advertising medium. Table-top units can be tailored to the needs of the organization with different interface applications. LCD screens are suitable for easy use of visitors from different age groups. A corporate logo can also be used in units which are also used as welcome screens.
Support your device with CRM Software!
Qmagic devices, which offer many advantages, can be updated with support from technology. The necessary measures can be taken for periodic and regional densities through the systems that enable the evaluation of the information coming from the branches at the centre. By means of devices that have software that enables the strengthening of customer relationships, past transaction transactions of the applicant can be observed instantaneously. Unlimited combination of systems that can be defined by criteria can be provided when necessary.
Thanks to the systems focusing on customer satisfaction

, daily, hourly, weekly and monthly data can be evaluated as tables and reports. It is also easy for managers to change the personnel traffic in the presence of castings that ensure detailed and accurate performance measurement. The patient accesses are done without losing time thanks to the dialects that provide effective planning. New generation solutions provide the right supply and demand.
The first contact with the customer is important …
Kiosk models that establish the first communication with the visitors can be prepared to support the corporate identity. Thanks to the system that transmits the necessary information to both the user and the employee, acceptance is made by preparing for patients, customers or users. Products that increase service efficiency and decrease service life also play a positive role in ensuring customer loyalty.
Thanks to the technologies needed to relax the environment, streamline the work, make it easier to follow up and meet the expectations, you can go one step ahead of your competitors. Take advantage of emerging technologies to satisfy your existing customers and win new customers.