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(English) Enterprise Studies with Qmagic System

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If you are providing services in a category where you have many competitors, the quality of service will be the most important factor for your preference. A system that can be used as integrated for service quality supports your work positively. One of them is qmagic a system where you can make more profit for your business.

You can save costs and measure the effectiveness of your business momentarily. Mobile ticketing can be supported through a website or mobile devices without going to the branches. One of the most important advantages of the qsystem is to provide easy integration support for the customer satisfaction survey device.

Installation and Updates

The system can be easily installed via web browser. All applications are updated in the new version. Updates are started automatically without extra processing. Since it is via a central web server, qsystem updates can be automatically distributed in a practical way.

Branch Management

Reporting, effective management uses can be done for all defined branches. These analyzes can also be applied to more than one group. Each branch is accessible via the centralized management application. All settings can be customized remotely.

Profile Support

New settings are quickly distributed in such areas as macros, service configurations, ticket designs, kiosks, screen designs. The profile or settings can be applied. There is also the possibility to use the group or branch for management purposes.


There are predefined reports. Many parameters are used to access different report results. It is possible to decide on which system the employee or branch is performing better.

Group-based reports in the form of branches collection are also in the system. In general these reports are taken as excel, Foc, Pff, Acces, Htm based reports. There are also 2D and 3D detailed graphics support within the system. With special reporting filters, you can make specific analyzes for your purpose.

Intended Use of Kiosks

   The word tanımlan kiosk tanımlan means kiosk or kiosk which is used in the halls. Touch screen devices are used for information purposes. Also can be done on the screen through a number of operations.

These devices with computer features reduce the workload of employees in institutions. In addition

, time saving is accelerated. Efficiency is provided by both the user and the organization. Devices used to inform people in public areas; Inquiries, debts, and appointments can also be important.

Kiosk Use in Hospitals

With business solutions provided, patient flow management software supports business processes for all departments. By arranging a series of streams centered around the patient pathway, a more calm, regular and safe patient experience is achieved.

The system will enable more efficient management of flow in hospitals, better maintenance, and a more calm care environment. The quality of the service provided in this way also increases. Increasing quality in the health sector will mean the treatment of patients in a higher quality environment.

patient flow management

(English) Patient Management Solutions

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A CEO technology brand is qmagic; banks, hospitals, ministries. There are services like feedback system

, queuing system, kiosk. Providing customer-oriented solutions, the brand adds value to your company in the corporate sense with years of experience.

Qmagic Advantages

Qsystem, which is not defined as software that simply puts people in proper order, is cost saving. It will enable more decision making for businesses. You can monitor and monitor employees in a more practical way.

You can measure the effectiveness of all individuals and businesses. You can also instantly get feedback about your services from your customers. In this way, you can intervene immediately in the disruption of your work.

Easy installation via a web browser. All applications are a bubble to check the new version. The updates in the application start automatically. Updates that start automatically can be automatically deployed via the central web server.

Branch Management via Qmagic

One or more groups can be defined for effective management, reporting, defined branches. In this way, each branch can be accessed directly through central administration. All settings can be customized remotely. Card partition, central database queries, network services can also be obtained through customer partition support.

Kiosk Screens Designs

Macros will allow rapid deployment of new settings in the form of service configurations, ticket designs, kiosk display designs. Fully customizable kiosk screens can use different button designs in the software.

Adding videos, pictures or text can be made depending on the use of your own designer. You can push boundaries in designs by using a professional editor. The designer can upload pictures. All ticket information and branch configuration are always connected with the central server in the Kiosk management.

All problems can be restored when problems are encountered. In the terminal software part, besides the functional features, there is also a user-friendly interface. Easy configuration.

Patient Flow Management

Health and management professionals who can be defined as cooperation in full transparency, providing an overview, will offer the patient the best possible care for patient flow management. Facilities include:

* Hospital flow is much better managed. Resource and staff use is optimized with this application. This will provide a complete overview of the patient flow. Comprehensive real-time data is provided for patient management and better decisions are made.

* Real-time patient, dynamic communication is provided in communicating inter-departmental information. This way, better maintenance is provided. Personnel can obtain standardized patient care, which enables new applications with pre-defined treatment plans.

* One of the most important conveniences is providing a calm care environment. Ensuring instant access to real-time treatment and care information will enable staff to communicate more accurately and consistently with their relatives. Added modules are available, allowing more useful tools to improve your workflow.

qsystem,qmagic,qmatic, patient flow management system

(English) kiosk systems can be designed according to corporate identity

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Qmagic queuing systems that come to mind when it comes to corporate identity and quality service can be personalized. You can extend your usage areas by choosing the one that suits your needs from the models that have a wide range of use, from appointment management to meeting visitors, front panel applications to advertising and promotion.

How is the branch control provided?

While increasing the quality of the service provided within the branch, dealership applications can be controlled under the supervision of systems that provide advantages in personnel efficiency.

* Different colour combinations

* Personalized design and

* Customer expectations can be met at the ideal level thanks to the front panel software.

Technology can be closely followed with kiosk models with pedestal or desktop combinations. In line with products with innovative appearance

, sequence management operations are easily programmed. Satisfaction surveys can be organized with the help of wall-mounted LCD TV screens.

Interactive panels, which play an important role in the organization of daily business plans and future targets, are used in performance monitoring and analysis and reporting needs.

Meet your innovative system needs with innovative technologies!

Products designed in accordance with the corporate image, maintenance-free. Models with different processing capacity should be selected according to needs. In-house inspections can be carried out from outside the institution, accompanied by different language options or alphabet-supported devices.

In addition to the daily work plan, the products that are preferred for personal efficiency, ensure the difference between service quality and competitors.

Terminals that operate independently of computers may have colour and appearance compatible with their corporate identity. Systems that affect the quality of the experience of the first time the company meets with the visitors at the same time, enables the management of queue management needs to be solved with a professional understanding.

With the help of Qsystem technologies focusing on unconditional customer satisfaction, you can deliver the advertising works you have planned for your brand directly to the target audience.

Complete Service with Guiding Panels

Direction panels are used to maintain order, especially in workplaces with intense mobility. Systems that focus on the expectations of the customers without the need for personnel and that allow the bank to open in accordance with the intensity of work are supported by the latest technologies.

Choosing the right kiosk can provide a complete information transfer to the visitors. Personalization of the customer experience is supported by evaluating the information received correctly. Patient flow management systems that enable the visitors to be directed to the right place in the first place are compatible with the company identity in terms of aesthetics.

Thanks to the devices that can meet the changing demands in accordance with the working system, details can be reported in the relevant units and service and performance measurements can be made. Not only for the visitors to have a pleasant experience, but also for the business environment to be more spacious, the attention-grabbing products ensure that the changing needs are met quickly.

Instead of waiting in front of the bank, policlinic, class or box office, a comfortable and contemporary service area can be created with devices that provide more comfortable areas. By increasing the quality of the experiences that are effective on customer preferences, targets can be progressed more easily, quickly and surely.

qsystem,qmagic,qmatic, patient flow management system

(English) Why Qmagic Methods

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Developing technology has brought along methods such as service quality. Technology methods, which involve major changes in every subject, have begun to use a number of systems to keep customer satisfaction at a high point in enterprises providing private and public services. Thanks to the qmagic method which is one of these methods, the services provided are performed in a certain rule and order with professional systems.

The biggest problems in the services offered by public and private enterprises are the waiting of the queue of those receiving these services and the injustice of the queues. For this reason, the system that brings order to these problems

, thanks to system long-term queues, such as the problems of injustice are eliminated.

Where are Qmagic Methods Used?

The method known as the Qmagic method is often used in public service areas such as hospitals. Patients coming to the hospital to get the examination of the queue by taking the order to ensure the order within the system. When they get to the number of which they have received their number and go to the examination is going.

During the examination, when the doctor makes a number of requests, such as the necessary tests and examinations for the patients, the same sequence number is used for testing and examination. As a result of the results of the analysis and examination of these results to the doctor and treatment methods to determine the same sequence number is being processed.

There is no need to get a separate number for each operation. This method is commonly known as patient flow management. These numbers can be performed on the next day in the event of medical operations hanging the next day.

Kiosk Method in Financial Transactions

Apart from the hospitals, the banks are the other area of ​​the services provided in order. In order to benefit from financial services in banks, a certain order is made according to the order. Thanks to the kiosk method used for banks, a customer arriving at the bank must first receive a number from the devices connected to the kiosk system.

The number received is entered into the qsystem and the bank enters the order and when the bank officers press the queue button to serve the queue of the customer in the order of the number of call signs in the customer’s numbers on the digital boards to get the services of the person by going to the bank officials are going to get their services. This system intervenes in histories such as sequence chaos, over-writing, and the fact that the personnel in charge are more than normal.

At the same time, the number received from a bank branch in the kiosk system can be valid in another branch of the same bank. Thanks to this system, which is completely sorted in the computer system, no one occupies the order of anyone. Therefore, there is no confusion between waiting customers.

Kiosk computer systems in banks vary according to the services customers want to receive. If the bank customers want to take advantage of the transactions, they can get the service number from the kiosk device by pressing the button belonging to that service. The services to be given are also grouped among themselves, preventing the occurrence of chaos.

qsystem,qmagic,qmatic, patient flow management system

(English) What is Qmagic

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The master queue management system control software package, qmagic, doesn’t just queue people right. The user-friendly interface provides a seamless and easy-to-use system that integrates with the enterprise.

Qmagic Benefits

With the system, you can save costs and create a system where you can make more decisions for businesses. You can control employees while watching. In this way, you can see how effectively all businesses or individuals are in the system. You can also get instant feedback by learning what customers think about the service.

Qmagic Main Features

Once installed, the qsystem has multilingual support. General Directorate has the ability to manage more than one branch fully. Customer segmentation support is provided and detailed reports are prepared on the branch and headquarters. You can connect online through the website without going to the branch and also support ticketing on the mobile device.

Temporary time monitoring of branches is also possible, and easy integration support is available for the customer satisfaction survey device. Digital signage management can be provided by a centralized application.

Customizable Kiosk Screens

There are different button designs in the software, it is possible to add text, video and reject on the kiosk. With professional editing software, design limits can be enforced. In Kiosk management, the branch configuration is always integrated with the central branch. When the disaster recovery is needed by the kiosk, the branch configuration can be restored in a very practical way with its central integrated service.

Benefits and Benefits of Patient Flow Management Software

The most important benefits of the patient flow management system are the regulation of patient flow to improve the level of service. Pending leads as an integrated customer. The system keeps the visitors spacious. In this way, control is provided in the personnel. The system makes significant contributions to the quality of medical treatment.

The system brings unique advantages to your planning. Among these, surgery rooms, laboratories, emergency departments, such as medical processes in general, providing flexibility to meet. It is scalable throughout the hospital and brings solutions. Remote configuration, easy maintenance advantages, as well as hardware and software installation problems,  will not occur.


Starting from the management of the hospital, the flow in all departments, as well as the discharge of the patient

, is managed successfully. Planning with medical appointment management. This supports many complex processes. The system can be integrated into the existing appointment planning system. Alarm notifications are also very important. In these cases, staff are warned of long waiting times, unusual situations and emergency cases.

General features include quality, reliability and 100 per cent customer satisfaction. Online or on-site customer support is available for all partners. Real-time reports are prepared with integrated reports.

With tools that give better control to managers, you can save time and get efficiency in the work area. You can communicate with all your customers in different areas and keep track of branches in real time.

Patient flow management

(English) Serve your customers within the layout you set

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In order to provide quality service to your customers, you can make a difference by choosing qsystem that is compatible with your corporate identity. While distributing sequence numbers to your visitors, you can give information about the time required for the service they want to receive. By taking the demands, you can implement the necessary task changes in the background thanks to devices that provide effective data communication. You can contact our experienced teams in order to benefit from our high-quality services where software and hardware are considered as a whole.

Provide Customer Satisfaction Over Expectations

With a number of worries

Kup Flagyl bez recepty

, you can ensure satisfaction by building trust on your customers. Patient flow management makes a difference for those who want to provide operational efficiency. The service time is shortened, accompanied by analyses conducted in accordance with the request entered or the previous history of the patient. You can move your business to the future with technologies that make a difference for organizations that want to manage customer relations successfully.

Qmagic software, which has the ability to prioritize the transactions of the customers who are waiting because of their work intensity, enables the evaluation of employee and manager performance from the centre. Systems that provide fair data usage in the determination of personnel with low performance facilitate the determination of periods that require additional staff. The system that can evaluate the days and times of low intensity, arranges online appointment requests accordingly. Technologies that have life-saving importance in various sectors and especially in health institutions determine a fair and controlled waiting period.

Efficient Planning and Efficient Service

Qmagic devices that allow real data to be evaluated for effective planning are suitable for shaping the system according to supply and demand. In this way, it is ensured that the institution shapes the service method according to demand in a living way. Systems that eliminate the sorting problems help to use the information they receive in the background. When the incoming customers come to the counter, they will be informed about the services they will receive.

From the first moment of use, systems provide various benefits and service flow is provided as desired. The LED screens, which each visitor can use in a simple way, are available in different languages. Thanks to the measures that increase customer loyalty, you can always place yourself as a preferred company. The sense of trust towards the systems that makes the sorting process easy to do without external intervention is well developed.

Devices Supporting Special Needs

Choosing the kiosk that supports the special needs of the institution, you can make voice announcements or give the message you want during the welcome. You can make mutual and real-time conversations with interactive boards and get customer requests instantly.

Patient Flow Management System

(English) Check the service times in your hand

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With our new generation of technology-supported services, you can move your quality understanding to higher levels in customer satisfaction. Qsystem devices, which we offer in accordance with different needs and locations, ensure that customer waiting times are brought to the best levels. Arrays that are the most accurate equipment to perform an effective staff performance measurement are maintenance-free and long-lasting.

You can meet customer demands in queue management …

Do you want to keep your visitors in less crowded areas, public institutions or offices where different services are offered together? We provide a unique service experience with our patient flow management solutions. In addition to meeting the increasing demand in health institutions, the systems that allow the collection of preliminary information about the patient can be tailored to the needs.

Qmagic designs are used to ensure that visitors are required to receive services in order, or that private customers are entitled to the specified advantages, ensuring that customer expectations are best met. In addition to relieving the low density, the systems which provide the service to flow in order attract attention with its ease of use. Thanks to the terminals placed in an area where everyone can see the entrance to the venue, transaction requests can be placed in a certain order.

Do Your Daily Business Plan in accordance with Incoming Requests!

Consoles with a decorative appearance, LED displays can be used comfortably by everyone. You can also get support from technology for accurate evaluation of daily demands and efficient evaluation of visitor traffic. At the same time, with the qmagic software that manages the communication traffic, the information of the person requesting the service is reflected on the service screen. From this point of view, a serious time-saving system is important in terms of eliminating the problems that may arise between customers or patients.

Our products, which have advanced traffic regulation software, are well equipped to meet the special demands of different sectors. Devices that meet the daily needs efficiently can be customized with additional accessories. The products used to provide a controlled waiting time as well as fair, are also ideal for measuring staff productivity. The workflow plan can be changed momentarily by means of systems that determine how much service demand is coming in the field.

Which product is suitable for your needs?

We can determine your kiosk needs to bring you the quality that will separate you from your competitors. You can choose between queue systems

, customer feedback devices and thermal printers, and you can immediately begin to notice the benefits of your workflow. Card readers, number entry or models to be enriched with barcode readers help you to catch up with the standards of the age.

With QMAGIC products with a wide range of products, you can start using the product that suits your needs and budget. You can increase the energy of the environment and maximize the motivation of your employees with the models designed according to the institution. By making the right choice, you can ensure that your patients and visitors can make trouble-free use and make a successful data transfer.

patient flow management, qsystem, qmagic

(English) Electronic Queue Management System

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Our state of the art queue management systems and our proven queuing solutions enable you to increase service efficiency, decreases customer wait time and increases revenue. Standing in a queue or waiting for your turn is not anyone’s favourite activity. It is the low quality of service which results in long waits thus decreasing the efficiency of the organization. Many industries face enormous customer footfall and companies have to serve more people than it can handle. Electronic Queue Management System Consulting help firms and their employees to manage, track and prioritize the service to ensure timely and efficient delivery to every customer.

Did you know that customers always overestimate their wait time by 50%? Waiting is extremely frustrating, distressful and time-consuming. We provide our client’s with exceptional customer experience through Single & Multiple line queue system & Virtual Queue Systems. Our solutions help reduce wait time, provide fair delivery and in return eliminate stress. Our queuing systems are designed taking into account various industry needs and practices. We offer both Single Line and Virtual Queuing systems allowing us to enhance the customer experience in any environment.

Single Line Queue System

Our single line queue system is an ideal solution for one service environments thus optimizing the space and enhancing your business’s operational efficiency. This is the most simple and basic system which offers a push button service whereby the teller/agent instantly calls the next customer in the queue. This system is also equipped with a ticketing dispenser

, and display units alerting the customer to proceed to the available counter. Moreover, more than one single line queue systems can also be integrated together allowing more teller’s/agents to serve increasing customers. Our state of the art virtual queue management system makes sure that the customer is entertained by the right agent/teller or the service specialist as per the user’s requirement.

Our virtual queuing system is intelligently designed to increase service efficiency and customer satisfaction rates. Our years of experience and technological advancements have allowed us to create a perfect queue system which enhances customers experience by reducing the perceived and actual customer wait time through the effective and intelligent use of our digital signage solutions. This advanced queuing system frees the customer from waiting in long queues and creates a much pleasant and favourable environment whereby the user/customer can indulge in impulse buying.