Information about Qmagic

In the capital of the Republic of Turkey was founded in 1980 and operates as an engineering company in QViS. The company has many queuing systems in the GCC region such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar and UAE. It also has a feedback system, kiosk and various applications. With many years of experience, the company offers customer-oriented solutions. In this way


, it is possible to walk to the future with more confident steps.

  Qmagic Queuing Systems

As one of the major software giants qmagic all GCC, Doha Dubai, and so on. Offers more than 7000 applications in over 30 countries including. If you are wondering what you think about the services and products you offer to your customers, you are making the right choice. With qmagic products, an option you can rely on software quality, you make the right choice. With Qmagic, reports, dashboards and more are possible.

  Qmagic Information Kiosks

Qmagic is an engineering company with proven quality and is the right choice with information kiosks. There are various kiosk options in the portfolio to suit different needs. You can easily choose from these options to suit your needs. With this selection, you will have the opportunity to customize your corporate identity. This will make your system look much better. In this way, you will have the opportunity to progress to the future with more confident steps.


  There are important applications that Qmagic engineering company offers to its customers. Qmagic Net, the application is one of them. Qmagic.Net application is a Master Queue System software. This software supports centralized management, voice announcement, templates and reporting, as well as other diverse features.

  Qmagic Overview

  It is one of the best choices for those who want to walk confidently into the future. Qmagic offers high quality products to its customers every day. It took its place among the addresses that received full marks at the point of reliability. The company offers professional and timely after-sales service support.

It is a company that cares about customer satisfaction and makes efforts in this sense. It provides on-site and online support for all partners in customer support. It provides important options in terms of efficiency. It provides managers with better control and time-saving tools.

Integrating reports provides better planning and real-time reporting. In terms of central management, it provides the opportunity to communicate with all customers in different fields.

The company always provides solutions to its customers with real-time monitoring of its branches. Qmagic has been improving itself since its inception. As a result, it takes giant steps in producing solutions that take its customers one step ahead in the future. It is the choice for applications and products that can meet the needs of the modern age. Qmagic continues to offer next-generation solutions to new challenges.


Root Experience with Qmagic

Qmagic, it is an experienced engineering firm providing engineering major innovations in the field since 1980 in Turkey. Companies, especially Turkey since 1980 and has served in different countries, especially in software. Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates are the major markets for the company’s software and all software products. Qmagic creates future-oriented software by offering solution-oriented services to all its markets.


Qmagic offers a wide range of professional solutions, especially for software and software products. At the beginning of these professional solutions are main display devices and meter display devices. If you want to give brief information about the products of Qmagic Queue Systems, the following products can be found in professional solutions;

1- Kioks: Kioks, consisting of small size screens, can be customized to meet all the needs of the people in the software.

2- Main Display and Meter Display Systems: With these systems you can provide digital imaging in digital environment.

3- Customer Feedback Devices,

4- Terminal Systems,

5- OEM Products.

All of these products are created with a software infrastructure and made systematic according to the area used.


Qmagic is also very generous about the advantages it provides to its customers. The company provides quality service from all software and software products as well as after sales customer support. Customer support includes on-site support as well as online support options. Software packages that can be integrated with all software systems enable reporting by our company. Thanks to the imaging products created specifically for customers, simultaneous monitoring is provided in all branches. 0 The company targets customer satisfaction and offers direct sales prices to all customers.


  Qmagic devices from Qmagic units can be integrated with any technology. Especially thanks to new software, you can protect technology more actively on devices. With the help of these softwares which are effective in strengthening customer relations

, the history of the customer application processes can also be seen. With software and devices, you can achieve unlimited combinations.   By integrating your device into CRM software, you can easily see the history with customers on a single page. This increases the level of support and efficiency you can give to customers.


Kioks devices are usually one of the devices that are effective in strengthening corporate identity. These systems, which can be used in all corporate locations, also provide great convenience for the customer. It is especially effective in delivering the information requested by the customer to the customer in the fastest way. Preferred kiox devices in areas where there are many customers such as hospitals and banks also help directly scan customer information on the software.   Not only in corporate locations, but also in large companies, effective solutions can be provided for corporate and branding. For all of these solutions, kiox devices should be integrated into the database.

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(English) Where to Use Qmagic System

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The qmagic system, designed by taking advantage of all the benefits of the technology, offers many areas of usage. It provides great convenience especially in different organizations where heavy queues are formed and heavy queues are formed. The system offers full synchronization within the company.

Technological structure, also known as group management system, minimizes waiting time. Thus, a high reputation can be achieved in the eyes of the customer. Systematic support is provided under a single roof, especially for firms that have branched out over time.

Qmagic provides real-time branch analysis support where a service provision environment is created to offer a special experience. Thus, a dynamic structure is created during the day and daily operations are completed in a short period of time without creating intense crowds.

Uses of Qmagic System

Qsystem, which is of great importance worldwide, provides a regular working environment for all organizations where intensive queues are formed.

– Telecom service centers

– Banks

– Health centers

– Government agencies

– Hospitals

– Immigration offices

– Retail outlets

– Airports

The system provides a special synchronization on behalf of many different sectors such as these. Thus, the whole process in different departments of the company meets at one point. When faced with a problem, the problem can be detected immediately.

For example, if there is a density at a certain point, the worker on the system can be detected and the problem can be removed immediately. As well as embassies, it allows for the completion of intensive paperwork and some procedural tasks for overseas studies in different parts of the world. It is one of the most ideal methods for many organizations where the queue should not be formed and customer satisfaction should be provided simultaneously.

Special System Providing Support All Over The World

Business partners in many different countries of the world continue to increase within this system. Qmagic is also of great importance for the kiosk and the intensive sectors like this. Since there is no queue or row density, there is no error in the shopping point.

Thus, in the name of local stores on the basis of different sectors with the company and the company, there is no openness at the end of the day. The system that provides customer-oriented service policy recognizes what the companies look for in the future with more hope. Because the waiting time is reduced to a minimum level, more customer potential can be achieved. This allows companies to grow steadily.

Professional Solutions for Critical Locations

In particular, patient flow management is of great importance. People can go to hospitals or different health centers for instant intervention during the day. In such cases, the waiting time must be brought to the lowest point.

Considering that such intensity may be very high during the day, qmagic provides the right solutions in a professional manner. Thus


, emergency intervention can easily be performed in hospitals without queuing. This system, which provides real-time customer satisfaction, allows companies to take a step ahead of their competitors in many sectors.

(English) Patient Management System Features

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Managing patient flow is very important for patient satisfaction. Patient Trak offers patient flow solutions that can be used in any healthcare environment where the patient needs to manage the flow process. Our solutions are used to detect visual flow, bottlenecks and to help plants improve patient flow. From single provider applications to large hospital groups, to multisite health facilities, our systems are both affordable and scalable.

Health Clinic, Outpatient and Hospital Unit Patient Monitoring System – Import appointments from your appointment system and follow user-defined ve activities ı, such as check-in time until treatment time. Manage room usage by defining used / under-used rooms. Set up a manual or automatic alerts and create custom reports for analysis of patient flow. Standard reports include Average Waiting and Treatment Times, Peak Times by Region, Time Between Activities, and more.

Record, Patient Monitoring and Efficiency System – Manage registration effectively. Determine the average time required to record patients and track which resources record patients more efficiently. Eliminate phone calls to other departments and easily manage alar transitions arı to patients’ Standing Services. Increase patient satisfaction by shortening the waiting time, eliminating the patient misplaced or overseeing, and following the lobby and departmental waiting sequences. Notifications can be sent based on user-defined criteria, such as patients waiting for too much time. Identify bottlenecks in registration and patient access service processes. Standard reports include Number of Patients, Intensive Times, Desktop Usage, and more.

Emergency Service, Clinical Execution and Emergency Care Center Patient Monitoring System – When patients arrive, they enter the PatientTrak system, which immediately records the waiting time, the chief complaints and the conditions. User-defined es activities lar enable your hospital to monitor the times of any function or task desired, helping to improve patient flow. You can set custom alerts and send email notifications to better identify and inform long patient waiting times and delays. Standard reports include Length of Stay

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, Number of Patients, Peak Times and more.

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(English) Benefits of Intelligent Queue Management systems

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Perception is that Queue Management Systems only allow customers to take a ticket and wait for their turn instead of standing in line. If you thought so too then read on.

The first queue management system

When the founders of Qmatic sought to remove long lines in a restaurant

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, they invented a ticket number system. This system would simply print tickets with queue numbers. The numbers would be called at the counter and served. This is where the first Electronic Queue Management System was born in Sweden in the early ’80s.

Not a “take a ticket system” anymore

Queue Management Systems have evolved since the ’80s. They are being used not only to comfort customers but they help the organisation improve their service in many ways. Here are 6 benefits of an intelligent queue management system.

Manage Customer Queues

We all hate to wait but queues are inevitable. We have queues almost everywhere. Queue Management Systems help us wait comfortably instead of standing in long queues.

We take a ticket and wait for our turn. This not only helps in comforting customers but also reduces any sense of insecurity among customers that their turn might be taken by someone else. Happy customers will always be your best ambassadors. Not to mention the increase in revenue due to the customers being relaxed and happy.

Staff Satisfaction

With no customers jumping over each other to get to the counter, the staff is relatively at ease. This helps the staff serve customers in a relaxed environment. A recent study by economists at the University of Warwick found that happiness led to a 12% spike in productivity, while unhappy workers proved 10% less productive. As the research team put it, “We find that human happiness has large and positive causal effects on productivity. Positive emotions appear to invigorate human beings.”

Improve Service Quality

Now that you have relaxed staff, you can expect better service quality. The statistics provided by an Intelligent Queue Management system helps you keep a track of staff performance. Any service level issues are highlighted immediately. Managers can follow live statistics and even assign more staff to a particular service. This helps in bringing down waiting times. In addition to this, the statistics also point out any staff that might be slower than others and may need help or training.

Optimise Costs

With an intelligent customer management system, you always know your customer flow. The system can even help predict customer queues based on historical data. This allows the manager to plan in advance and get more out of his/her staff resources. For instance, if the statistics show that customer queues do not start building up before 11 am, some counter staff can be utilized for back-office tasks until then.

Customer Feedback

“The customer is king” and you would definitely want to know what he is thinking about your services. With Customer Feedback Devices attached to Intelligent Queue Management systems, organisations can get instant customer feedback.  This data is further utilised to improve service and products.

Mobile and Internet Queuing

Mobile density in Pakistan as of Feb 2017 is 137 Million as per PTA. Furthermore, 3G/4G subscribers are approaching 39 Million. Additionally, 42 Million broadband connections to households are further spreading the use of the internet to a better part of the population. People are using the internet on their phones or desktops to get most of their services and products. Organisations are competing to attract millennial customers. Mobile queue management systems are no exception. With mobile queuing apps, customers can get queued up before they leave home. They can even get appointments for public services or healthcare over the internet. Once they arrive, they do not need to wait for long before it is their turn. Queue Management Systems are much more than mere ticket systems.

(English) Queue management

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Shorten customer waiting times, increase service efficiency and increase revenue with Wavetec’s tailored tail management solutions. Wavetec’s customer experience solutions, organization, engage and precautions are based on the Wavesphere Philosophy, which is aimed at pending and unbroken service areas and enhances customer experience at customer touch points. There are excessive queuing and waiting between the banks, retail stores, hospitals and state institutions. Wavetec is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of global tail management systems, and has 27 years of experience in helping organizations improve customer flow and managing queues with virtual and linear queuing solutions, queue screens, meeting reservations, queuing, queuing information, and queuing. and a sophisticated queue management software.

Electronic Tail Solutions

Wavetec offers standard and customizable tail solutions to address the various queuing problems faced by organizations. Choose from Enterprise, Basic, or Mobile Queuing systems to manage crowds and queues in your service areas. Our powerful tail management software delivers uninterrupted customer journeys from Virtual and Linear queuing systems to a variety of analysis options


, such as booking options and a more sophisticated method, such as mobile applications. Our tail-end solution solutions come with the ability to integrate digital signage solutions and customer feedback solutions to deliver holistic customer experiences. By developing customer experience solutions for different sectors, Wavetec offers you the opportunity to quickly get used to, transform your service area and succeed. Enterprise Virtual Queue Management System, turnkey solution for managing customer flow A complete system that needs a different queue, from basic queuing to advanced, multi-branch, multi-zone organizational solutions. Our queue management system allows customers and visitors to queue by buying tickets from different channels such as Self Service Ticket Kiosks, Web Ticketing, Mobile App and Online Appointment.


Estimates waiting periods, Customize your settings, Integrates with different platforms, Estimated Analysis and Customer Journey Mapping, Provides performance information through reports and dashboards, Allows customers to engage with digital signage

Choose your own solutions from basic and optional features.

(English) Kiosk Machines

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A self-standing structure, small, self-standing structure such as a ticket booth or newsstand. First kiosks had room inside for a person who handled the transactions; but, the term evolved to refer to solo self-service booths with computers which dispense knowledge or make sales via a touchscreen. Other than simple candy or soda machines, practically any modern vending machine that accepts credit cards may be called a kiosk. For instance, digital photo kiosks are today’s equivalent to the earlier, manned kiosks for analog film developing. Accepting CD/DVD input or memory card, they allow users to pick images and perform limited editing. The units can perform prints on the spot as well as burn them upon a CD.

Types Of Kiosk Machines

Touch Screen Kiosks

That is a stand-alone device which features a touchscreen interface and uses extremely advanced programming software. These kiosks are frequently used in the retail or consumer industry and are established in high traffic areas where people may get information with the touch of a finger.

DVD Rental

These types of kiosks

, commonly seen inside supermarkets and other convenient locations, are full with movies for rent, allowing customers to bypass going into a DVD shop and quickly take what they want.

Photo Kiosks

For people who do not have fine color printers at work or home, it is beneficial to take a digital camera to a photo-printing kiosk to have prints made. Some of the most widespread types of photo kiosks are instant print stations, movie ticketing, digital order stations, DVD vending, building directory and public transport ticketing kiosks.


Grand companies facilitate the job application process by installing kiosks where potential laborers may sit and enter their information, seek work, and even take skill tests without having to make an appointment to see a person in the HR department. For instance, kiosks may be found inside retail stores and shopping centers.

Internet Kiosks

Such kiosks present internet access to the public. They are often installed at the airport, apartment offices or hotel lobbies. Aside from mouse, monitors, and keyboard, this type of kiosk sometimes present bill payment capabilities and credit card swipe.

Patient Self-Service

Health-care providers set up kiosks inside their facilities so patients may communicate with staff, make payments for services and update their medical records.


Museums and others which provide information place kiosks to allow customers to learn more about exhibits at their own speed, rather than having to wait for a tour guide to educate them.


Cinema, theaters and other entertainment venues set up kiosks on their premises for clients to check schedules of events, purchase tickets and make reservations.

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(English) What Is Patient Flow Management System

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Patient flow is the motion of patients via a healthcare facility. It consists the physical resources, medical care, and internal systems needed to get patients from the point of admission to the point of discharge while patient/provider satisfaction and maintaining quality. Improving patient flow is a critical component of process management in healthcare facilities, especially hospitals.

Productive management of patient flow remains an urgent issue for most health organizations. Nurse staffing shortages, emergency department crowding, patient outcomes, complication rates, and even mortality rates have all been addicted to problems of hospital beds and associated stresses on staff when patient volume peaks. To composite, the problem of variability and inefficiencies in patient flow, health care systems face exhausting economic challenges not previously experienced.

Optimizing patient flow encompasses efficiently, quickly, and effectively meeting the request for care by moving patients through care pathways while progressing coordination of care, patient safety, and health results.  Optimizing patient flow, providers seek to successfully match the appropriate amount of resources to each of their admissions. Providers seek to successfully match the appropriate amount of resources to each of their admissions to optimize patient flow.

What Should Be Done In Hospitals?

Creating processes that easing well patient flow throughout the hospital.

Address what will happen when beds are not ready for received patients.

Assure patients in overflow locations receive appropriate care.

Shape how ambulance diversion decrees are made and implemented.

Put patient flow targets and measure progress toward those targets.

Some Benefits of Using A Good Patient Flow Management System

Flexible solutions capable of addressing whole medical department processes, such as emergency departments, outpatients, operating rooms labs, outpatients, and so on.

Solutions can be scaled up from a basic clinic to bigger size of clinics chain or hospitals.

Simple maintenance – remote configuration, meaning there is no need to install hardware or software at staff workstations.

Facilitates patient flow, which increases the level of service.

Entertains waiting for clients with connected digital signage.

Holds guests relaxed and staff in control, this way contributing to the quality of medical care.

Administrate patient “boarding” and work to decrease the extent of time that ED patients are boarded.

Review the outcome of flow management initiatives against stated targets and objectives.

Perform improvement actions when targets are not achieved.

Work tightly with behavioral health providers to preferable coordinate care.

About QMAGIC Technology / Engineering Company

The firm has a lot of queue systems


, kiosks, feedback systems,  and various installations in GCC region including, hospitals, ministries, banks etc.

With our QMAGIC name over thirty years of experience and customer based solutions, we are ready to future with more confidence and honor.

Please visit our website https://qmagic.org/


What is Queue Management Systems

Queue management is a set of principles intended at controlling customer flow and streamlining the queuing experience. An important point is queue systems is not something that is needed sometimes. It needs to be a continuous process to bring results.

Queuing Theory is a concentration of mathematical models of various different systems that take as inputs parameters of the below elements and that provide quantitative parameters defining the system performance.

Let’s look at the basic elements of these queue systems.

Queue defines a certain number of clients waiting for service.

Service defines some activity that takes time and that the clients are waiting for.

Arrival describes the method customers enter the queue system.

Output defines the method customers leave the system. The output is generally ignored by theoretical models, but sometimes the customers who left the server go into the queue again

The Population of Customers can be considered either closed systems (limited) or open systems (unlimited). Open systems population represents a theoretical model of systems with a large number of possible clients (a bank branch or a motorway petrol station). Example of a closed systems population can be a number of processes served by a computer or a certain number of machines to be repaired by a serviceman. It is necessary to think the term “clients” very common. Clients can be people, computer processes and machines of various nature, etc.

System capacity (Maximum Queue Size) is the max. the number of clientss that can wait in the queue. The queue is every time limited, but some of theoretical models accept an unlimited queue length.

Some customers are forced to renounce without being served If the queue length is limited.

Tips for reducing customer service queues:

Decrease response times

Collect all the information

Prioritizing for customer requests

Assure the request finishes in the right hands

Help your clients help themselves

There are Queue Management Systems to make all these practices in the most effective way. Choosing the most optimal system for your own needs will increase the quality of your service.

What is Qmagic Queue Systems

It is a complete Customer Experience platform which is conceived to set you outside of your competitors. Follow up real-time branch Dynamic and Analytics Customer Intelligence while providing Insight and Answers for Customer flows.

Qmagic Queue Systems provides a range of touch points that are designed to set you apart from the competition. Designed to aim you create a service delivery environment where clients can enjoy a pleasing experience which result into the best level of customer satisfaction.