(English) Customer Feedback Services Affect Quality of Service

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(English) Customer Feedback Services Affect Quality of Service

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Qmagic models that provide interactive communication with the customer provide a positive effect on the experience. In line with the corporate identity, it is possible to share real and memorable information with visitors in indoor or outdoor areas.

The Importance of Feedback for Quality Service

A permanent improvement can be made on the efficiency of the work carried out with the queuing management systems, which become an integral part of a quality service. Under the light of the simultaneous data obtained, the applications can make a difference.

In order to experience a customer with a professional understanding and to renew the service concept in accordance with the result of this experience, corporate companies can find the solution in qsystem units.

A significant competitive advantage can be achieved in the sector, accompanied by devices that ensure shortening of service times in the first place and diversification of the organization plan in accordance with the demand. With the feedback devices that are effective in measuring the results of the services provided

, it is possible to access real user ideas quickly.

Get Ear to Ear by Earning Customers’ Voice!

Companies that want to provide quality experience to their customers first of all should listen to the voice and expectations of the target audience. A regular inspection with self-service systems and business development in accordance with the result can be provided.

Performance evaluations between different branches and headquarters are also completed in full with the kiosk models that ensure the best possible establishment of the corporate hierarchy. It is possible to improve the job and gain new customers by evaluating the feedback from the customers. Systems that enable businesses to grow with appropriate budgets also include;

* Real customer analysis

* Loss analysis

* New customer acquisition and

* It is also used for realizing the goals of the business.

In time, systems that allow customer behavior to be predicted are mostly used in banks, health institutions, reservation services and payment centers in our country. With the simple applications, the solutions are created in a way that allows instant chatting with the customers and the demands are gathered in the right way and resolved quickly.

The Golden Key of Customer Management!


The data to be obtained from feedback is the golden key to effective customer management. Detailed analysis results can be obtained with the systems providing feedback collection on different channels. Simple questionnaire forms can be prepared with patient flow management systems, which allows instant monitoring of all data on a single screen. Company objectives can be revised in the light of the results that provide information on the source of expectations and expectations about future projects. Real-time in business management;

* Corporate

* Employee

* Customer and

* With offline notification options, you can move your business to the future with systems that make a difference.

You can strengthen your corporate image and test service experiences with systems that predict how long the customer will stay inside, measure the expectations of the visitors, and most importantly, let back offices prepare for the customer.

You can also update your performance criteria with solutions that make a difference with innovative software solutions and focus on meeting customer expectations.

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