(English) Efficiency with Patient Flow Management

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(English) Efficiency with Patient Flow Management

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Thanks to the technological structure developed, qsystem is used effectively in different institutions and organizations. Controlled and just waiting process is among the most important advantages of the system. Preventing the queuing problem in hospitals systematically provides the opportunity to get all the factors within the institution to the right planning. Thus, the maximum level of customer satisfaction, services are optimized. This offers a chance to stand out in terms of competition in the private sector. As a matter of fact, thanks to the system, a more rapid view is provided and more customer acceptance is realized.

The efficiency of Patient Flow System

Timed planning offers greater efficiency for patients. Thanks to the improvements made throughout the hospital, patient flow management brings innovative solutions. The system creates a common working platform, allowing different parts to progress regularly.

Thus, while the waiting time goes to a minimum level

, the bed capacity becomes much higher. Thus, effective patient care is captured. This allows the system to take control of supply and demand management. The system, which is used in various hospitals in many parts of the world, continues to enter tens of thousands of institutions continuously.

Important Benefits With Qmagic

It is of great importance for the patients, employees and all procedures to avoid any disruption in the follow-up process. In order to prevent errors, correct planning should be made and an efficient order should be established. Follow-up process can be achieved with qmagic. From the moment it is used, it brings significant savings on these processes. Even if the main queue is known as system software, it handles control over many another programming. This allows the customer flow to be more smooth within the organization and the organization.

In addition, the advantages that it brings to the software include voice announcements, central management facilities, reporting and templates. The references, which have been obtained worldwide, provide separate trust for institutions. These references can be seen as a kind of insurance. From the moment the installation is carried out and the work is started, the system brings efficiency and savings in every aspect.

Comfort With Touch Screen Kiosk

The biggest comfort to be provided for hospital customers is the kiosk system. A kind of patient can be characterized as the heart of flow management. All units required by the patient are programmed via this system. There are two separate message systems on the board. In the second part, the patient’s part is shown. Depending on the capacity, enough units are considered for this part. This allows the system to monitor vital information for patients while monitoring the system.

I Qsystem

Qmagic provides an effective solution to increase efficiency. It offers the ideal advantages to strengthen customer satisfaction and keep the queues in order. It also provides a comfortable movement for customers in the lobby areas. It prevents the formation of bad queues in general and provides a fast flow for more intensive customers during the day.

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