(English) Enterprise Studies with Qmagic System

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(English) Enterprise Studies with Qmagic System

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If you are providing services in a category where you have many competitors, the quality of service will be the most important factor for your preference. A system that can be used as integrated for service quality supports your work positively. One of them is qmagic a system where you can make more profit for your business.

You can save costs and measure the effectiveness of your business momentarily. Mobile ticketing can be supported through a website or mobile devices without going to the branches. One of the most important advantages of the qsystem is to provide easy integration support for the customer satisfaction survey device.

Installation and Updates

The system can be easily installed via web browser. All applications are updated in the new version. Updates are started automatically without extra processing. Since it is via a central web server, qsystem updates can be automatically distributed in a practical way.

Branch Management

Reporting, effective management uses can be done for all defined branches. These analyzes can also be applied to more than one group. Each branch is accessible via the centralized management application. All settings can be customized remotely.

Profile Support

New settings are quickly distributed in such areas as macros, service configurations, ticket designs, kiosks, screen designs. The profile or settings can be applied. There is also the possibility to use the group or branch for management purposes.


There are predefined reports. Many parameters are used to access different report results. It is possible to decide on which system the employee or branch is performing better.

Group-based reports in the form of branches collection are also in the system. In general these reports are taken as excel, Foc, Pff, Acces, Htm based reports. There are also 2D and 3D detailed graphics support within the system. With special reporting filters, you can make specific analyzes for your purpose.

Intended Use of Kiosks

   The word tanımlan kiosk tanımlan means kiosk or kiosk which is used in the halls. Touch screen devices are used for information purposes. Also can be done on the screen through a number of operations.

These devices with computer features reduce the workload of employees in institutions. In addition


, time saving is accelerated. Efficiency is provided by both the user and the organization. Devices used to inform people in public areas; Inquiries, debts, and appointments can also be important.

Kiosk Use in Hospitals

With business solutions provided, patient flow management software supports business processes for all departments. By arranging a series of streams centered around the patient pathway, a more calm, regular and safe patient experience is achieved.

The system will enable more efficient management of flow in hospitals, better maintenance, and a more calm care environment. The quality of the service provided in this way also increases. Increasing quality in the health sector will mean the treatment of patients in a higher quality environment.

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