Information about Qmagic


Information about Qmagic

In the capital of the Republic of Turkey was founded in 1980 and operates as an engineering company in QViS. The company has many queuing systems in the GCC region such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar and UAE. It also has a feedback system, kiosk and various applications. With many years of experience, the company offers customer-oriented solutions. In this way

, it is possible to walk to the future with more confident steps.

  Qmagic Queuing Systems

As one of the major software giants qmagic all GCC, Doha Dubai, and so on. Offers more than 7000 applications in over 30 countries including. If you are wondering what you think about the services and products you offer to your customers, you are making the right choice. With qmagic products, an option you can rely on software quality, you make the right choice. With Qmagic, reports, dashboards and more are possible.

  Qmagic Information Kiosks

Qmagic is an engineering company with proven quality and is the right choice with information kiosks. There are various kiosk options in the portfolio to suit different needs. You can easily choose from these options to suit your needs. With this selection, you will have the opportunity to customize your corporate identity. This will make your system look much better. In this way, you will have the opportunity to progress to the future with more confident steps.

  There are important applications that Qmagic engineering company offers to its customers. Qmagic Net, the application is one of them. Qmagic.Net application is a Master Queue System software. This software supports centralized management, voice announcement, templates and reporting, as well as other diverse features.

  Qmagic Overview

  It is one of the best choices for those who want to walk confidently into the future. Qmagic offers high quality products to its customers every day. It took its place among the addresses that received full marks at the point of reliability. The company offers professional and timely after-sales service support.

It is a company that cares about customer satisfaction and makes efforts in this sense. It provides on-site and online support for all partners in customer support. It provides important options in terms of efficiency. It provides managers with better control and time-saving tools.

Integrating reports provides better planning and real-time reporting. In terms of central management, it provides the opportunity to communicate with all customers in different fields.

The company always provides solutions to its customers with real-time monitoring of its branches. Qmagic has been improving itself since its inception. As a result, it takes giant steps in producing solutions that take its customers one step ahead in the future. It is the choice for applications and products that can meet the needs of the modern age. Qmagic continues to offer next-generation solutions to new challenges.

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