(English) Kiosk Machines

(English) Kiosk Machines

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A self-standing structure, small, self-standing structure such as a ticket booth or newsstand. First kiosks had room inside for a person who handled the transactions; but, the term evolved to refer to solo self-service booths with computers which dispense knowledge or make sales via a touchscreen. Other than simple candy or soda machines, practically any modern vending machine that accepts credit cards may be called a kiosk. For instance, digital photo kiosks are today’s equivalent to the earlier, manned kiosks for analog film developing. Accepting CD/DVD input or memory card, they allow users to pick images and perform limited editing. The units can perform prints on the spot as well as burn them upon a CD.

Types Of Kiosk Machines

Touch Screen Kiosks

That is a stand-alone device which features a touchscreen interface and uses extremely advanced programming software. These kiosks are frequently used in the retail or consumer industry and are established in high traffic areas where people may get information with the touch of a finger.

DVD Rental

These types of kiosks

, commonly seen inside supermarkets and other convenient locations, are full with movies for rent, allowing customers to bypass going into a DVD shop and quickly take what they want.

Photo Kiosks

For people who do not have fine color printers at work or home, it is beneficial to take a digital camera to a photo-printing kiosk to have prints made. Some of the most widespread types of photo kiosks are instant print stations, movie ticketing, digital order stations, DVD vending, building directory and public transport ticketing kiosks.


Grand companies facilitate the job application process by installing kiosks where potential laborers may sit and enter their information, seek work, and even take skill tests without having to make an appointment to see a person in the HR department. For instance, kiosks may be found inside retail stores and shopping centers.

Internet Kiosks

Such kiosks present internet access to the public. They are often installed at the airport, apartment offices or hotel lobbies. Aside from mouse, monitors, and keyboard, this type of kiosk sometimes present bill payment capabilities and credit card swipe.

Patient Self-Service

Health-care providers set up kiosks inside their facilities so patients may communicate with staff, make payments for services and update their medical records.


Museums and others which provide information place kiosks to allow customers to learn more about exhibits at their own speed, rather than having to wait for a tour guide to educate them.


Cinema, theaters and other entertainment venues set up kiosks on their premises for clients to check schedules of events, purchase tickets and make reservations.

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