(English) Patient Management Solutions

patient flow management

(English) Patient Management Solutions

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A CEO technology brand is qmagic; banks, hospitals, ministries. There are services like feedback system


, queuing system, kiosk. Providing customer-oriented solutions, the brand adds value to your company in the corporate sense with years of experience.

Qmagic Advantages

Qsystem, which is not defined as software that simply puts people in proper order, is cost saving. It will enable more decision making for businesses. You can monitor and monitor employees in a more practical way.

You can measure the effectiveness of all individuals and businesses. You can also instantly get feedback about your services from your customers. In this way, you can intervene immediately in the disruption of your work.

Easy installation via a web browser. All applications are a bubble to check the new version. The updates in the application start automatically. Updates that start automatically can be automatically deployed via the central web server.

Branch Management via Qmagic

One or more groups can be defined for effective management, reporting, defined branches. In this way, each branch can be accessed directly through central administration. All settings can be customized remotely. Card partition, central database queries, network services can also be obtained through customer partition support.

Kiosk Screens Designs

Macros will allow rapid deployment of new settings in the form of service configurations, ticket designs, kiosk display designs. Fully customizable kiosk screens can use different button designs in the software.

Adding videos, pictures or text can be made depending on the use of your own designer. You can push boundaries in designs by using a professional editor. The designer can upload pictures. All ticket information and branch configuration are always connected with the central server in the Kiosk management.

All problems can be restored when problems are encountered. In the terminal software part, besides the functional features, there is also a user-friendly interface. Easy configuration.

Patient Flow Management

Health and management professionals who can be defined as cooperation in full transparency, providing an overview, will offer the patient the best possible care for patient flow management. Facilities include:

* Hospital flow is much better managed. Resource and staff use is optimized with this application. This will provide a complete overview of the patient flow. Comprehensive real-time data is provided for patient management and better decisions are made.

* Real-time patient, dynamic communication is provided in communicating inter-departmental information. This way, better maintenance is provided. Personnel can obtain standardized patient care, which enables new applications with pre-defined treatment plans.

* One of the most important conveniences is providing a calm care environment. Ensuring instant access to real-time treatment and care information will enable staff to communicate more accurately and consistently with their relatives. Added modules are available, allowing more useful tools to improve your workflow.

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