(English) Queue management system for banking

(English) Queue management system for banking

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Qmagic’s queue management system manages the full-service cycle from the moment customers enter the door after they enter the service. It simplifies the service process, creates an actionable database and supports the bank’s business goals. The system collects accurate

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, real-time information that shows customer arrival and waiting time. Manages the complex flow of random and planned visitors; Optimizes service level and customer lifetime value by taking into account customer profiles and sales opportunities.

Benefits and Benefits

Benefits of the Solution:

Customer flow and branch simplify your operation.

Improves service level, provides focused improvement for specific customer segments and services.

With the integrated digital signage, entertains the waiting customers.

Increases sales by leveraging digital advertising, smart routing, and agent sales tips.

Unique advantages of Qmagic queue management for banks:

The central server can be scaled from one service point to any number of branches.

Easy maintenance, no need to install software on agent counters.

Flexible solution that can meet every need, from fast services such as services provided by lenders, to more complex business areas including long-term processes such as mortgage and investment portfolio management.


Main Features

Over the advanced features of the standard Qmagic customer flow management system, our solution for queue management in banks adds a number of unique options:

Segmentation and prioritization of visitors according to customer value (current and potential) analysis. Our expertise in the banking sector offers methods that allow you to wait less in the queue without annoying ordinary customers without prioritizing your valued customers.

Directing to the most appropriate tools to meet customers’ needs. In the banking sector, there may be a big difference in both skill and cost between highly experienced bankers and less experienced ones. We make sure that more expensive and skilled personnel perform more valuable transactions.

Integrated Appointment Planning. Qmagic’s timing solution can be integrated into your online banking website, online advertising, and even your mobile app; so you can invite your valued customers to meetings at a branch where your customers can maximize any high-level opportunity.

Managing digital branches, branches based on self-service technologies. Qmagic’s solution for these branches is based on our retail task management software – basically, monitoring the self-service activity in the branch and informing the staff (mostly, one or two employees not in the floor circulation), where their assistance is required.

Video interaction management allows both pre-scheduled and temporary video calls to be processed, routed and presented using the same business logic used to manage customer traffic. With this tool, the branch staff can take both incoming customers and video calls to their desks, and enable the system to mix and orient both types of interaction based on priority and availability.

Automatically allocate staff for back-office work during non-peak hours. When the system determines that low traffic (based on current or historical data) and calculates that one or more counters can be closed while maintaining service level targets, the staff must be assigned back-office tasks such as telephone marketing or customer retention phone calls.

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