Root Experience with Qmagic


Root Experience with Qmagic

Qmagic, it is an experienced engineering firm providing engineering major innovations in the field since 1980 in Turkey. Companies, especially Turkey since 1980 and has served in different countries, especially in software. Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates are the major markets for the company’s software and all software products. Qmagic creates future-oriented software by offering solution-oriented services to all its markets.


Qmagic offers a wide range of professional solutions, especially for software and software products. At the beginning of these professional solutions are main display devices and meter display devices. If you want to give brief information about the products of Qmagic Queue Systems, the following products can be found in professional solutions;

1- Kioks: Kioks, consisting of small size screens, can be customized to meet all the needs of the people in the software.

2- Main Display and Meter Display Systems: With these systems you can provide digital imaging in digital environment.

3- Customer Feedback Devices,

4- Terminal Systems,

5- OEM Products.

All of these products are created with a software infrastructure and made systematic according to the area used.


Qmagic is also very generous about the advantages it provides to its customers. The company provides quality service from all software and software products as well as after sales customer support. Customer support includes on-site support as well as online support options. Software packages that can be integrated with all software systems enable reporting by our company. Thanks to the imaging products created specifically for customers, simultaneous monitoring is provided in all branches. 0 The company targets customer satisfaction and offers direct sales prices to all customers.


  Qmagic devices from Qmagic units can be integrated with any technology. Especially thanks to new software, you can protect technology more actively on devices. With the help of these softwares which are effective in strengthening customer relations

, the history of the customer application processes can also be seen. With software and devices, you can achieve unlimited combinations.   By integrating your device into CRM software, you can easily see the history with customers on a single page. This increases the level of support and efficiency you can give to customers.


Kioks devices are usually one of the devices that are effective in strengthening corporate identity. These systems, which can be used in all corporate locations, also provide great convenience for the customer. It is especially effective in delivering the information requested by the customer to the customer in the fastest way. Preferred kiox devices in areas where there are many customers such as hospitals and banks also help directly scan customer information on the software.   Not only in corporate locations, but also in large companies, effective solutions can be provided for corporate and branding. For all of these solutions, kiox devices should be integrated into the database.

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