(English) Support Your Service Quality with Next-Generation Technologies

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(English) Support Your Service Quality with Next-Generation Technologies

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You can maximize your service quality with patient flow management designs with a wide range of products. You can increase the energy of the environment with the devices to be selected according to the drying and needs. By using products with different functions, it can be ensured that the efficiency of in-house personnel is shaped according to the new generation working concept.

How to Choose the Right Kiosk?

Designed for the perfect experience of patients and visitors, qsystem models provide the fastest transfer of information. Transferring all kinds of information about the number of visitors to the background is important in order to make the necessary preparations before the service without wasting time.

In a workplace where there is a busy workflow or where multiple services are provided in the same environment, a fair service can be provided by employing sequentially. Thanks to the systems that enable many people to receive regular service within the same time frame, staff efficiency is also drawn to the levels that should be. The importance of directing the visitors to the right unit as well as the rapid flow of traffic in the intensive health institutions should not be ignored.

Designs with Corporate Identity

The choice of the qmagic terminal, which is made according to the place of use and the purpose, provides integrity with the aesthetic decoration. It is important to make the systematics that will be realized by taking into consideration the sector needs to be adapted to the workflow. User demands are met in the most accurate way thanks to the systems which can be updated periodically according to the need.

In particular, the units used to measure the quality of service in branches affiliated to a centre contribute to the development of the ability to analyze. Information collected on the main server can be evaluated according to the desired parameters. The reports to be made according to different dates, times and periods can be read efficiently by the authorities in order to take necessary measures to prevent disruptions.

Qmagic devices

, which provide trouble-free operation and sufficient flow of information, are well equipped. The software that provides the fastest processing is extremely safe and protected against the possibility of abuse. Easy-to-use devices are eye-catching and placed at the entrance of the space to ensure the highest level of communication quality. Matters designed in accordance with the standards and regulations of the organization are used to regulate the intensive workflow.

Allow Visitors to Navigate to the Right Service Unit!

Current call automation provides user comfort and service quality especially in institutions with intensive service demand. Accurately directing people to the service they want to receive is one of the advantages of using the kiosk. Especially in health institutions, patient and patient relatives are provided with services in a comfortable and comfortable environment, indispensable for creating a contemporary environment.

The technologies that are necessary to prevent loss of time by entering information from the beginning in the processes requiring processing and continuation, also allow the visitors to follow the order of operations in different places. This is a very important privilege not only for customers but also for employees.

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