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Information about Qmagic

In the capital of the Republic of Turkey was founded in 1980 and operates as an engineering company in QViS. The company has many queuing systems in the GCC region such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar and UAE. It also has a feedback system, kiosk and various applications. With many years of experience, the company offers customer-oriented solutions. In this way


, it is possible to walk to the future with more confident steps.

  Qmagic Queuing Systems

As one of the major software giants qmagic all GCC, Doha Dubai, and so on. Offers more than 7000 applications in over 30 countries including. If you are wondering what you think about the services and products you offer to your customers, you are making the right choice. With qmagic products, an option you can rely on software quality, you make the right choice. With Qmagic, reports, dashboards and more are possible.

  Qmagic Information Kiosks

Qmagic is an engineering company with proven quality and is the right choice with information kiosks. There are various kiosk options in the portfolio to suit different needs. You can easily choose from these options to suit your needs. With this selection, you will have the opportunity to customize your corporate identity. This will make your system look much better. In this way, you will have the opportunity to progress to the future with more confident steps.


  There are important applications that Qmagic engineering company offers to its customers. Qmagic Net, the application is one of them. Qmagic.Net application is a Master Queue System software. This software supports centralized management, voice announcement, templates and reporting, as well as other diverse features.

  Qmagic Overview

  It is one of the best choices for those who want to walk confidently into the future. Qmagic offers high quality products to its customers every day. It took its place among the addresses that received full marks at the point of reliability. The company offers professional and timely after-sales service support.

It is a company that cares about customer satisfaction and makes efforts in this sense. It provides on-site and online support for all partners in customer support. It provides important options in terms of efficiency. It provides managers with better control and time-saving tools.

Integrating reports provides better planning and real-time reporting. In terms of central management, it provides the opportunity to communicate with all customers in different fields.

The company always provides solutions to its customers with real-time monitoring of its branches. Qmagic has been improving itself since its inception. As a result, it takes giant steps in producing solutions that take its customers one step ahead in the future. It is the choice for applications and products that can meet the needs of the modern age. Qmagic continues to offer next-generation solutions to new challenges.


Root Experience with Qmagic

Qmagic, it is an experienced engineering firm providing engineering major innovations in the field since 1980 in Turkey. Companies, especially Turkey since 1980 and has served in different countries, especially in software. Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates are the major markets for the company’s software and all software products. Qmagic creates future-oriented software by offering solution-oriented services to all its markets.


Qmagic offers a wide range of professional solutions, especially for software and software products. At the beginning of these professional solutions are main display devices and meter display devices. If you want to give brief information about the products of Qmagic Queue Systems, the following products can be found in professional solutions;

1- Kioks: Kioks, consisting of small size screens, can be customized to meet all the needs of the people in the software.

2- Main Display and Meter Display Systems: With these systems you can provide digital imaging in digital environment.

3- Customer Feedback Devices,

4- Terminal Systems,

5- OEM Products.

All of these products are created with a software infrastructure and made systematic according to the area used.


Qmagic is also very generous about the advantages it provides to its customers. The company provides quality service from all software and software products as well as after sales customer support. Customer support includes on-site support as well as online support options. Software packages that can be integrated with all software systems enable reporting by our company. Thanks to the imaging products created specifically for customers, simultaneous monitoring is provided in all branches. 0 The company targets customer satisfaction and offers direct sales prices to all customers.


  Qmagic devices from Qmagic units can be integrated with any technology. Especially thanks to new software, you can protect technology more actively on devices. With the help of these softwares which are effective in strengthening customer relations

, the history of the customer application processes can also be seen. With software and devices, you can achieve unlimited combinations.   By integrating your device into CRM software, you can easily see the history with customers on a single page. This increases the level of support and efficiency you can give to customers.


Kioks devices are usually one of the devices that are effective in strengthening corporate identity. These systems, which can be used in all corporate locations, also provide great convenience for the customer. It is especially effective in delivering the information requested by the customer to the customer in the fastest way. Preferred kiox devices in areas where there are many customers such as hospitals and banks also help directly scan customer information on the software.   Not only in corporate locations, but also in large companies, effective solutions can be provided for corporate and branding. For all of these solutions, kiox devices should be integrated into the database.

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(English) What is the Onion of Qmagic System

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Customer satisfaction is always at the forefront in whatever sector. Without delay, all needs must be completed on a customer basis. Nowadays, it is possible to see this process in the most correct way and to prevent the competitors from taking a step ahead. In particular, the service will be given under a certain organization and waiting for the queue to allow customers to receive service through the same company again. In this respect, the qmagic system offers a whole new understanding. This system, which has been injured by all the benefits of today’s technology, allows the customer flows to be carried out regularly. Real-time branch analysis can be provided and dynamic customer flow can be continued smoothly.

Main Purpose of the System

To ensure optimum customer satisfaction, qsystem stands out with its advanced technological structure. Designed to create a secure service environment. Real-time customer satisfaction is achieved by systematically eliminating all the needs without queuing. In particular, the synchronization of the system and the fast operating principle allow the service of a wider human population during the day without waiting. In particular, the waiting period is minimized by increasing the number of customer queues. Thus, the company can achieve a much greater reputation in the eyes of the customer. It provides a common study for all departments within the system. Thanks to the works carried out from a single pot, no customer can receive the service in equal time without being unjustly waited. Thanks to this system, there is no need to carry out many stages that need to be followed. No matter how many people are provided automatically.

Special System for Customer Satisfaction

Customers don’t like waiting for queues. Especially when these queues increase in a much longer period of time, they may even stop receiving services. This means that customers will not receive services on a firm basis. This system will suffice for you to achieve a prestige and prestige. Thanks to the technological structure that provides a secronized support without queuing, a quality service policy can be obtained on behalf of kiosk or many different workplaces. The important thing is customer satisfaction, the system provides this for all departments within the company.

Say goodbye to problems in waiting time

It allows to minimize waiting time and to maximize customer satisfaction. Patient flow management is of great importance. Thanks to patient flow management, a synchronous work is carried out in hospitals without any queues. Thus, the number of customers does not increase and the waiting time does not increase. In addition, the system offers a detailed control mechanism to ensure that employees are not idle. Thus, maximum efficiency can be obtained from all personnel. This allows customers to easily process without waiting for queues and queues. This system, which is used in many different parts of the world, allows companies to take a step ahead of their competitors with a new understanding. Thanks to the easy-to-use system, work can be completed without any problems during the day.

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(English) Where to Use Qmagic System

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The qmagic system, designed by taking advantage of all the benefits of the technology, offers many areas of usage. It provides great convenience especially in different organizations where heavy queues are formed and heavy queues are formed. The system offers full synchronization within the company.

Technological structure, also known as group management system, minimizes waiting time. Thus, a high reputation can be achieved in the eyes of the customer. Systematic support is provided under a single roof, especially for firms that have branched out over time.

Qmagic provides real-time branch analysis support where a service provision environment is created to offer a special experience. Thus, a dynamic structure is created during the day and daily operations are completed in a short period of time without creating intense crowds.

Uses of Qmagic System

Qsystem, which is of great importance worldwide, provides a regular working environment for all organizations where intensive queues are formed.

– Telecom service centers

– Banks

– Health centers

– Government agencies

– Hospitals

– Immigration offices

– Retail outlets

– Airports

The system provides a special synchronization on behalf of many different sectors such as these. Thus, the whole process in different departments of the company meets at one point. When faced with a problem, the problem can be detected immediately.

For example, if there is a density at a certain point, the worker on the system can be detected and the problem can be removed immediately. As well as embassies, it allows for the completion of intensive paperwork and some procedural tasks for overseas studies in different parts of the world. It is one of the most ideal methods for many organizations where the queue should not be formed and customer satisfaction should be provided simultaneously.

Special System Providing Support All Over The World

Business partners in many different countries of the world continue to increase within this system. Qmagic is also of great importance for the kiosk and the intensive sectors like this. Since there is no queue or row density, there is no error in the shopping point.

Thus, in the name of local stores on the basis of different sectors with the company and the company, there is no openness at the end of the day. The system that provides customer-oriented service policy recognizes what the companies look for in the future with more hope. Because the waiting time is reduced to a minimum level, more customer potential can be achieved. This allows companies to grow steadily.

Professional Solutions for Critical Locations

In particular, patient flow management is of great importance. People can go to hospitals or different health centers for instant intervention during the day. In such cases, the waiting time must be brought to the lowest point.

Considering that such intensity may be very high during the day, qmagic provides the right solutions in a professional manner. Thus


, emergency intervention can easily be performed in hospitals without queuing. This system, which provides real-time customer satisfaction, allows companies to take a step ahead of their competitors in many sectors.

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(English) Customer Feedback Services Affect Quality of Service

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Qmagic models that provide interactive communication with the customer provide a positive effect on the experience. In line with the corporate identity, it is possible to share real and memorable information with visitors in indoor or outdoor areas.

The Importance of Feedback for Quality Service

A permanent improvement can be made on the efficiency of the work carried out with the queuing management systems, which become an integral part of a quality service. Under the light of the simultaneous data obtained, the applications can make a difference.

In order to experience a customer with a professional understanding and to renew the service concept in accordance with the result of this experience, corporate companies can find the solution in qsystem units.

A significant competitive advantage can be achieved in the sector, accompanied by devices that ensure shortening of service times in the first place and diversification of the organization plan in accordance with the demand. With the feedback devices that are effective in measuring the results of the services provided

, it is possible to access real user ideas quickly.

Get Ear to Ear by Earning Customers’ Voice!

Companies that want to provide quality experience to their customers first of all should listen to the voice and expectations of the target audience. A regular inspection with self-service systems and business development in accordance with the result can be provided.

Performance evaluations between different branches and headquarters are also completed in full with the kiosk models that ensure the best possible establishment of the corporate hierarchy. It is possible to improve the job and gain new customers by evaluating the feedback from the customers. Systems that enable businesses to grow with appropriate budgets also include;

* Real customer analysis

* Loss analysis

* New customer acquisition and

* It is also used for realizing the goals of the business.

In time, systems that allow customer behavior to be predicted are mostly used in banks, health institutions, reservation services and payment centers in our country. With the simple applications, the solutions are created in a way that allows instant chatting with the customers and the demands are gathered in the right way and resolved quickly.

The Golden Key of Customer Management!


The data to be obtained from feedback is the golden key to effective customer management. Detailed analysis results can be obtained with the systems providing feedback collection on different channels. Simple questionnaire forms can be prepared with patient flow management systems, which allows instant monitoring of all data on a single screen. Company objectives can be revised in the light of the results that provide information on the source of expectations and expectations about future projects. Real-time in business management;

* Corporate

* Employee

* Customer and

* With offline notification options, you can move your business to the future with systems that make a difference.

You can strengthen your corporate image and test service experiences with systems that predict how long the customer will stay inside, measure the expectations of the visitors, and most importantly, let back offices prepare for the customer.

You can also update your performance criteria with solutions that make a difference with innovative software solutions and focus on meeting customer expectations.

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(English) kiosk systems can be designed according to corporate identity

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Qmagic queuing systems that come to mind when it comes to corporate identity and quality service can be personalized. You can extend your usage areas by choosing the one that suits your needs from the models that have a wide range of use, from appointment management to meeting visitors, front panel applications to advertising and promotion.

How is the branch control provided?

While increasing the quality of the service provided within the branch, dealership applications can be controlled under the supervision of systems that provide advantages in personnel efficiency.

* Different colour combinations

* Personalized design and

* Customer expectations can be met at the ideal level thanks to the front panel software.

Technology can be closely followed with kiosk models with pedestal or desktop combinations. In line with products with innovative appearance

, sequence management operations are easily programmed. Satisfaction surveys can be organized with the help of wall-mounted LCD TV screens.

Interactive panels, which play an important role in the organization of daily business plans and future targets, are used in performance monitoring and analysis and reporting needs.

Meet your innovative system needs with innovative technologies!

Products designed in accordance with the corporate image, maintenance-free. Models with different processing capacity should be selected according to needs. In-house inspections can be carried out from outside the institution, accompanied by different language options or alphabet-supported devices.

In addition to the daily work plan, the products that are preferred for personal efficiency, ensure the difference between service quality and competitors.

Terminals that operate independently of computers may have colour and appearance compatible with their corporate identity. Systems that affect the quality of the experience of the first time the company meets with the visitors at the same time, enables the management of queue management needs to be solved with a professional understanding.

With the help of Qsystem technologies focusing on unconditional customer satisfaction, you can deliver the advertising works you have planned for your brand directly to the target audience.

Complete Service with Guiding Panels

Direction panels are used to maintain order, especially in workplaces with intense mobility. Systems that focus on the expectations of the customers without the need for personnel and that allow the bank to open in accordance with the intensity of work are supported by the latest technologies.

Choosing the right kiosk can provide a complete information transfer to the visitors. Personalization of the customer experience is supported by evaluating the information received correctly. Patient flow management systems that enable the visitors to be directed to the right place in the first place are compatible with the company identity in terms of aesthetics.

Thanks to the devices that can meet the changing demands in accordance with the working system, details can be reported in the relevant units and service and performance measurements can be made. Not only for the visitors to have a pleasant experience, but also for the business environment to be more spacious, the attention-grabbing products ensure that the changing needs are met quickly.

Instead of waiting in front of the bank, policlinic, class or box office, a comfortable and contemporary service area can be created with devices that provide more comfortable areas. By increasing the quality of the experiences that are effective on customer preferences, targets can be progressed more easily, quickly and surely.

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(English) Why Choose Qsystem

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A system where the head office of the centre can monitor their performance much more easily when there is more than one branch of a central organization is a newly recognized system in recent years. Thanks to this system qmagic, a unique customer experience based on competitive advantage in sectoral issues can be achieved.

Customers’ problems and problems related to the reception of service problems can also be resolved through the qsystem. As it is known, the extraordinary developments in internet technology have enabled the development of automation systems.

Many institutions and organizations in various sectors can take a significant step in terms of saving time and service quality by using these systems with their customer satisfaction, sectoral working speeds and quality service delivery.

One of the most important reasons for the development of this system is that the waiting time is increasing for the customers and the number of idle personnel increases significantly. It is also possible to see a significant increase in the number of customers who think they have been wronged during any service procurement.

Quality Based Service and Customer Satisfaction



, whether they are private or public sectors, do not like to wait while receiving services. Long queues, uncertainties about when the queue will come to them cause many problems. For this reason, patient flow management systems are developed in order to overcome these problems and a service approach focused on minutes and seconds is adopted.

With this system used especially in hospitals, it is ensured that when the patients will know when the next order will come, the right of the person is not usurped by someone else and the quality service purchases without any problems are provided.

Sectoral Leading Quality of Service

Thanks to the kiosk method that enables companies and companies to be the pioneers in the sector in terms of service quality in private and public sectors, it is ensured that increasing customer demands are met in accordance with reasonable waiting times and fair service concept. Thanks to this feature, the demands and requests of the customers are met and the public works are functioning in a regular and healthy manner.

With these systems, the waiting periods of the customers, the quality of the service, the duration of the service and the type of the service will be entered into a systematic system in order to provide the continuation of the service in the next process is very important in terms of predicting the features.

Checking Branches and Solving Sectoral Problems

The institutions serving as the headquarters are very important for controlling the branches connected to them through a single system, for sending the bottlenecks that may occur in the branches and for achieving healthy functioning.

As it is known, in old times, patient queues in hospitals were growing like an avalanche with large waiting times. However, this system is no longer long queues instead of time-oriented services are left behind the problems are left.

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(English) Why Qmagic Methods

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Developing technology has brought along methods such as service quality. Technology methods, which involve major changes in every subject, have begun to use a number of systems to keep customer satisfaction at a high point in enterprises providing private and public services. Thanks to the qmagic method which is one of these methods, the services provided are performed in a certain rule and order with professional systems.

The biggest problems in the services offered by public and private enterprises are the waiting of the queue of those receiving these services and the injustice of the queues. For this reason, the system that brings order to these problems

, thanks to system long-term queues, such as the problems of injustice are eliminated.

Where are Qmagic Methods Used?

The method known as the Qmagic method is often used in public service areas such as hospitals. Patients coming to the hospital to get the examination of the queue by taking the order to ensure the order within the system. When they get to the number of which they have received their number and go to the examination is going.

During the examination, when the doctor makes a number of requests, such as the necessary tests and examinations for the patients, the same sequence number is used for testing and examination. As a result of the results of the analysis and examination of these results to the doctor and treatment methods to determine the same sequence number is being processed.

There is no need to get a separate number for each operation. This method is commonly known as patient flow management. These numbers can be performed on the next day in the event of medical operations hanging the next day.

Kiosk Method in Financial Transactions

Apart from the hospitals, the banks are the other area of ​​the services provided in order. In order to benefit from financial services in banks, a certain order is made according to the order. Thanks to the kiosk method used for banks, a customer arriving at the bank must first receive a number from the devices connected to the kiosk system.

The number received is entered into the qsystem and the bank enters the order and when the bank officers press the queue button to serve the queue of the customer in the order of the number of call signs in the customer’s numbers on the digital boards to get the services of the person by going to the bank officials are going to get their services. This system intervenes in histories such as sequence chaos, over-writing, and the fact that the personnel in charge are more than normal.

At the same time, the number received from a bank branch in the kiosk system can be valid in another branch of the same bank. Thanks to this system, which is completely sorted in the computer system, no one occupies the order of anyone. Therefore, there is no confusion between waiting customers.

Kiosk computer systems in banks vary according to the services customers want to receive. If the bank customers want to take advantage of the transactions, they can get the service number from the kiosk device by pressing the button belonging to that service. The services to be given are also grouped among themselves, preventing the occurrence of chaos.

(English) What are the Advantages of Qsystem

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You can choose qmagic to monitor branch performances in remote locations and provide a unique customer experience for competitive advantage. It will provide satisfactory use for your cautious customers, especially in waiting areas.

Corporate firms and businesses can experience significant problems when they do not find the right business solution in their daily routine. A business plan that can be organized properly both satisfies the customer and allows organizations to do faster and result from oriented work.

What is changing in your company with tail management systems?

Increased customer waiting times also increase the idle time of employees. Customers who are exposed to unfair services will request the same service from different institutions. This causes you to lose customers. If your customer is running low, the company will increase its costs.

You can use qsystem to get one step ahead of your competitors. This system is a complete customer experience platform with a general definition. This platform prepares predictions during customer flows. You can even track customer intelligence dynamically by providing answers in real time.

Your customers are satisfied with the services they receive. Real-time customer satisfaction surveys can also provide direct contact with the customer. This systematic daily work plan ensures that your business results in more efficient and faster results.

What is Kiosk?

Kiosk devices that reduce the workload of individuals who work in the institution also accelerate the operations. Devices located in public areas are also used for information purposes. It is used in various institutions and organizations such as invoice payments

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, debt inquiry. Product distribution services can also be provided via these devices. This will save you time.

These devices are very easy to install and have a low cost. It can be used actively in different areas for data collection purposes. In this way, you can analyze the data of a particular segment in a very practical way. With these devices, personnel costs can be saved.

You can halve the time that personnel use when processing. The quality of service is increased in this way. Customers don’t waste time. It’s faster.

Patient Flow Management Systems

It is a life-saving arrangement that the whole system works as integrated with hospitals. In this area, patient management systems are integrated with patient reception, orientation, sorting and interaction parts of all departments and clinics with patient flow management. In addition, optional appointment planning is also provided.


A solution with a central server allows the patient flow to be managed with all stages and aspects. These include prioritization, orientation, treatment, preparation, administrative work and payment. The system that manages the treatment and waiting rooms also synchronize with the back office business mind.

Informing the patients and their families about the procedures such as laboratory results analysis can be provided. With many advantages and benefits, these systems add speed and professionalism to the operation of your organization.

qsystem,qmagic,qmatic, patient flow management system

(English) What is Qmagic

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The master queue management system control software package, qmagic, doesn’t just queue people right. The user-friendly interface provides a seamless and easy-to-use system that integrates with the enterprise.

Qmagic Benefits

With the system, you can save costs and create a system where you can make more decisions for businesses. You can control employees while watching. In this way, you can see how effectively all businesses or individuals are in the system. You can also get instant feedback by learning what customers think about the service.

Qmagic Main Features

Once installed, the qsystem has multilingual support. General Directorate has the ability to manage more than one branch fully. Customer segmentation support is provided and detailed reports are prepared on the branch and headquarters. You can connect online through the website without going to the branch and also support ticketing on the mobile device.

Temporary time monitoring of branches is also possible, and easy integration support is available for the customer satisfaction survey device. Digital signage management can be provided by a centralized application.

Customizable Kiosk Screens

There are different button designs in the software, it is possible to add text, video and reject on the kiosk. With professional editing software, design limits can be enforced. In Kiosk management, the branch configuration is always integrated with the central branch. When the disaster recovery is needed by the kiosk, the branch configuration can be restored in a very practical way with its central integrated service.

Benefits and Benefits of Patient Flow Management Software

The most important benefits of the patient flow management system are the regulation of patient flow to improve the level of service. Pending leads as an integrated customer. The system keeps the visitors spacious. In this way, control is provided in the personnel. The system makes significant contributions to the quality of medical treatment.

The system brings unique advantages to your planning. Among these, surgery rooms, laboratories, emergency departments, such as medical processes in general, providing flexibility to meet. It is scalable throughout the hospital and brings solutions. Remote configuration, easy maintenance advantages, as well as hardware and software installation problems,  will not occur.


Starting from the management of the hospital, the flow in all departments, as well as the discharge of the patient

, is managed successfully. Planning with medical appointment management. This supports many complex processes. The system can be integrated into the existing appointment planning system. Alarm notifications are also very important. In these cases, staff are warned of long waiting times, unusual situations and emergency cases.

General features include quality, reliability and 100 per cent customer satisfaction. Online or on-site customer support is available for all partners. Real-time reports are prepared with integrated reports.

With tools that give better control to managers, you can save time and get efficiency in the work area. You can communicate with all your customers in different areas and keep track of branches in real time.