(English) What are the Advantages of Qsystem

(English) What are the Advantages of Qsystem

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You can choose qmagic to monitor branch performances in remote locations and provide a unique customer experience for competitive advantage. It will provide satisfactory use for your cautious customers, especially in waiting areas.

Corporate firms and businesses can experience significant problems when they do not find the right business solution in their daily routine. A business plan that can be organized properly both satisfies the customer and allows organizations to do faster and result from oriented work.

What is changing in your company with tail management systems?

Increased customer waiting times also increase the idle time of employees. Customers who are exposed to unfair services will request the same service from different institutions. This causes you to lose customers. If your customer is running low, the company will increase its costs.

You can use qsystem to get one step ahead of your competitors. This system is a complete customer experience platform with a general definition. This platform prepares predictions during customer flows. You can even track customer intelligence dynamically by providing answers in real time.

Your customers are satisfied with the services they receive. Real-time customer satisfaction surveys can also provide direct contact with the customer. This systematic daily work plan ensures that your business results in more efficient and faster results.

What is Kiosk?

Kiosk devices that reduce the workload of individuals who work in the institution also accelerate the operations. Devices located in public areas are also used for information purposes. It is used in various institutions and organizations such as invoice payments

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, debt inquiry. Product distribution services can also be provided via these devices. This will save you time.

These devices are very easy to install and have a low cost. It can be used actively in different areas for data collection purposes. In this way, you can analyze the data of a particular segment in a very practical way. With these devices, personnel costs can be saved.

You can halve the time that personnel use when processing. The quality of service is increased in this way. Customers don’t waste time. It’s faster.

Patient Flow Management Systems

It is a life-saving arrangement that the whole system works as integrated with hospitals. In this area, patient management systems are integrated with patient reception, orientation, sorting and interaction parts of all departments and clinics with patient flow management. In addition, optional appointment planning is also provided.


A solution with a central server allows the patient flow to be managed with all stages and aspects. These include prioritization, orientation, treatment, preparation, administrative work and payment. The system that manages the treatment and waiting rooms also synchronize with the back office business mind.

Informing the patients and their families about the procedures such as laboratory results analysis can be provided. With many advantages and benefits, these systems add speed and professionalism to the operation of your organization.

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