(English) What Is Patient Flow Management System

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(English) What Is Patient Flow Management System

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Patient flow is the motion of patients via a healthcare facility. It consists the physical resources, medical care, and internal systems needed to get patients from the point of admission to the point of discharge while patient/provider satisfaction and maintaining quality. Improving patient flow is a critical component of process management in healthcare facilities, especially hospitals.

Productive management of patient flow remains an urgent issue for most health organizations. Nurse staffing shortages, emergency department crowding, patient outcomes, complication rates, and even mortality rates have all been addicted to problems of hospital beds and associated stresses on staff when patient volume peaks. To composite, the problem of variability and inefficiencies in patient flow, health care systems face exhausting economic challenges not previously experienced.

Optimizing patient flow encompasses efficiently, quickly, and effectively meeting the request for care by moving patients through care pathways while progressing coordination of care, patient safety, and health results.  Optimizing patient flow, providers seek to successfully match the appropriate amount of resources to each of their admissions. Providers seek to successfully match the appropriate amount of resources to each of their admissions to optimize patient flow.

What Should Be Done In Hospitals?

Creating processes that easing well patient flow throughout the hospital.

Address what will happen when beds are not ready for received patients.

Assure patients in overflow locations receive appropriate care.

Shape how ambulance diversion decrees are made and implemented.

Put patient flow targets and measure progress toward those targets.

Some Benefits of Using A Good Patient Flow Management System

Flexible solutions capable of addressing whole medical department processes, such as emergency departments, outpatients, operating rooms labs, outpatients, and so on.

Solutions can be scaled up from a basic clinic to bigger size of clinics chain or hospitals.

Simple maintenance – remote configuration, meaning there is no need to install hardware or software at staff workstations.

Facilitates patient flow, which increases the level of service.

Entertains waiting for clients with connected digital signage.

Holds guests relaxed and staff in control, this way contributing to the quality of medical care.

Administrate patient “boarding” and work to decrease the extent of time that ED patients are boarded.

Review the outcome of flow management initiatives against stated targets and objectives.

Perform improvement actions when targets are not achieved.

Work tightly with behavioral health providers to preferable coordinate care.

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