(English) What is Qmagic

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(English) What is Qmagic

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The master queue management system control software package, qmagic, doesn’t just queue people right. The user-friendly interface provides a seamless and easy-to-use system that integrates with the enterprise.

Qmagic Benefits

With the system, you can save costs and create a system where you can make more decisions for businesses. You can control employees while watching. In this way, you can see how effectively all businesses or individuals are in the system. You can also get instant feedback by learning what customers think about the service.

Qmagic Main Features

Once installed, the qsystem has multilingual support. General Directorate has the ability to manage more than one branch fully. Customer segmentation support is provided and detailed reports are prepared on the branch and headquarters. You can connect online through the website without going to the branch and also support ticketing on the mobile device.

Temporary time monitoring of branches is also possible, and easy integration support is available for the customer satisfaction survey device. Digital signage management can be provided by a centralized application.

Customizable Kiosk Screens

There are different button designs in the software, it is possible to add text, video and reject on the kiosk. With professional editing software, design limits can be enforced. In Kiosk management, the branch configuration is always integrated with the central branch. When the disaster recovery is needed by the kiosk, the branch configuration can be restored in a very practical way with its central integrated service.

Benefits and Benefits of Patient Flow Management Software

The most important benefits of the patient flow management system are the regulation of patient flow to improve the level of service. Pending leads as an integrated customer. The system keeps the visitors spacious. In this way, control is provided in the personnel. The system makes significant contributions to the quality of medical treatment.

The system brings unique advantages to your planning. Among these, surgery rooms, laboratories, emergency departments, such as medical processes in general, providing flexibility to meet. It is scalable throughout the hospital and brings solutions. Remote configuration, easy maintenance advantages, as well as hardware and software installation problems,  will not occur.


Starting from the management of the hospital, the flow in all departments, as well as the discharge of the patient, is managed successfully. Planning with medical appointment management. This supports many complex processes. The system can be integrated into the existing appointment planning system. Alarm notifications are also very important. In these cases, staff are warned of long waiting times, unusual situations and emergency cases.

General features include quality, reliability and 100 per cent customer satisfaction. Online or on-site customer support is available for all partners. Real-time reports are prepared with integrated reports.

With tools that give better control to managers, you can save time and get efficiency in the work area. You can communicate with all your customers in different areas and keep track of branches in real time.

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