What is Queue Management Systems

What is Queue Management Systems

Queue management is a set of principles intended at controlling customer flow and streamlining the queuing experience. An important point is queue systems is not something that is needed sometimes. It needs to be a continuous process to bring results.

Queuing Theory is a concentration of mathematical models of various different systems that take as inputs parameters of the below elements and that provide quantitative parameters defining the system performance.

Let’s look at the basic elements of these queue systems.

Queue defines a certain number of clients waiting for service.

Service defines some activity that takes time and that the clients are waiting for.

Arrival describes the method customers enter the queue system.

Output defines the method customers leave the system. The output is generally ignored by theoretical models, but sometimes the customers who left the server go into the queue again

The Population of Customers can be considered either closed systems (limited) or open systems (unlimited). Open systems population represents a theoretical model of systems with a large number of possible clients (a bank branch or a motorway petrol station). Example of a closed systems population can be a number of processes served by a computer or a certain number of machines to be repaired by a serviceman. It is necessary to think the term “clients” very common. Clients can be people, computer processes and machines of various nature, etc.

System capacity (Maximum Queue Size) is the max. the number of clientss that can wait in the queue. The queue is every time limited, but some of theoretical models accept an unlimited queue length.

Some customers are forced to renounce without being served If the queue length is limited.

Tips for reducing customer service queues:

Decrease response times

Collect all the information

Prioritizing for customer requests

Assure the request finishes in the right hands

Help your clients help themselves

There are Queue Management Systems to make all these practices in the most effective way. Choosing the most optimal system for your own needs will increase the quality of your service.

What is Qmagic Queue Systems

It is a complete Customer Experience platform which is conceived to set you outside of your competitors. Follow up real-time branch Dynamic and Analytics Customer Intelligence while providing Insight and Answers for Customer flows.

Qmagic Queue Systems provides a range of touch points that are designed to set you apart from the competition. Designed to aim you create a service delivery environment where clients can enjoy a pleasing experience which result into the best level of customer satisfaction.

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