(English) What is the Onion of Qmagic System

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(English) What is the Onion of Qmagic System

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Customer satisfaction is always at the forefront in whatever sector. Without delay, all needs must be completed on a customer basis. Nowadays, it is possible to see this process in the most correct way and to prevent the competitors from taking a step ahead. In particular, the service will be given under a certain organization and waiting for the queue to allow customers to receive service through the same company again. In this respect, the qmagic system offers a whole new understanding. This system, which has been injured by all the benefits of today’s technology, allows the customer flows to be carried out regularly. Real-time branch analysis can be provided and dynamic customer flow can be continued smoothly.

Main Purpose of the System

To ensure optimum customer satisfaction, qsystem stands out with its advanced technological structure. Designed to create a secure service environment. Real-time customer satisfaction is achieved by systematically eliminating all the needs without queuing. In particular, the synchronization of the system and the fast operating principle allow the service of a wider human population during the day without waiting. In particular, the waiting period is minimized by increasing the number of customer queues. Thus, the company can achieve a much greater reputation in the eyes of the customer. It provides a common study for all departments within the system. Thanks to the works carried out from a single pot, no customer can receive the service in equal time without being unjustly waited. Thanks to this system, there is no need to carry out many stages that need to be followed. No matter how many people are provided automatically.

Special System for Customer Satisfaction

Customers don’t like waiting for queues. Especially when these queues increase in a much longer period of time, they may even stop receiving services. This means that customers will not receive services on a firm basis. This system will suffice for you to achieve a prestige and prestige. Thanks to the technological structure that provides a secronized support without queuing, a quality service policy can be obtained on behalf of kiosk or many different workplaces. The important thing is customer satisfaction, the system provides this for all departments within the company.

Say goodbye to problems in waiting time

It allows to minimize waiting time and to maximize customer satisfaction. Patient flow management is of great importance. Thanks to patient flow management, a synchronous work is carried out in hospitals without any queues. Thus, the number of customers does not increase and the waiting time does not increase. In addition, the system offers a detailed control mechanism to ensure that employees are not idle. Thus, maximum efficiency can be obtained from all personnel. This allows customers to easily process without waiting for queues and queues. This system, which is used in many different parts of the world, allows companies to take a step ahead of their competitors with a new understanding. Thanks to the easy-to-use system, work can be completed without any problems during the day.

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