(English) Where to Use Qmagic System

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(English) Where to Use Qmagic System

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The qmagic system, designed by taking advantage of all the benefits of the technology, offers many areas of usage. It provides great convenience especially in different organizations where heavy queues are formed and heavy queues are formed. The system offers full synchronization within the company.

Technological structure, also known as group management system, minimizes waiting time. Thus, a high reputation can be achieved in the eyes of the customer. Systematic support is provided under a single roof, especially for firms that have branched out over time.

Qmagic provides real-time branch analysis support where a service provision environment is created to offer a special experience. Thus, a dynamic structure is created during the day and daily operations are completed in a short period of time without creating intense crowds.

Uses of Qmagic System

Qsystem, which is of great importance worldwide, provides a regular working environment for all organizations where intensive queues are formed.

– Telecom service centers

– Banks

– Health centers

– Government agencies

– Hospitals

– Immigration offices

– Retail outlets

– Airports

The system provides a special synchronization on behalf of many different sectors such as these. Thus, the whole process in different departments of the company meets at one point. When faced with a problem, the problem can be detected immediately.

For example, if there is a density at a certain point, the worker on the system can be detected and the problem can be removed immediately. As well as embassies, it allows for the completion of intensive paperwork and some procedural tasks for overseas studies in different parts of the world. It is one of the most ideal methods for many organizations where the queue should not be formed and customer satisfaction should be provided simultaneously.

Special System Providing Support All Over The World

Business partners in many different countries of the world continue to increase within this system. Qmagic is also of great importance for the kiosk and the intensive sectors like this. Since there is no queue or row density, there is no error in the shopping point.

Thus, in the name of local stores on the basis of different sectors with the company and the company, there is no openness at the end of the day. The system that provides customer-oriented service policy recognizes what the companies look for in the future with more hope. Because the waiting time is reduced to a minimum level, more customer potential can be achieved. This allows companies to grow steadily.

Professional Solutions for Critical Locations

In particular, patient flow management is of great importance. People can go to hospitals or different health centers for instant intervention during the day. In such cases, the waiting time must be brought to the lowest point.

Considering that such intensity may be very high during the day, qmagic provides the right solutions in a professional manner. Thus


, emergency intervention can easily be performed in hospitals without queuing. This system, which provides real-time customer satisfaction, allows companies to take a step ahead of their competitors in many sectors.

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