(English) Why Choose Qsystem

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(English) Why Choose Qsystem

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A system where the head office of the centre can monitor their performance much more easily when there is more than one branch of a central organization is a newly recognized system in recent years. Thanks to this system qmagic, a unique customer experience based on competitive advantage in sectoral issues can be achieved.

Customers’ problems and problems related to the reception of service problems can also be resolved through the qsystem. As it is known, the extraordinary developments in internet technology have enabled the development of automation systems.

Many institutions and organizations in various sectors can take a significant step in terms of saving time and service quality by using these systems with their customer satisfaction, sectoral working speeds and quality service delivery.

One of the most important reasons for the development of this system is that the waiting time is increasing for the customers and the number of idle personnel increases significantly. It is also possible to see a significant increase in the number of customers who think they have been wronged during any service procurement.

Quality Based Service and Customer Satisfaction



, whether they are private or public sectors, do not like to wait while receiving services. Long queues, uncertainties about when the queue will come to them cause many problems. For this reason, patient flow management systems are developed in order to overcome these problems and a service approach focused on minutes and seconds is adopted.

With this system used especially in hospitals, it is ensured that when the patients will know when the next order will come, the right of the person is not usurped by someone else and the quality service purchases without any problems are provided.

Sectoral Leading Quality of Service

Thanks to the kiosk method that enables companies and companies to be the pioneers in the sector in terms of service quality in private and public sectors, it is ensured that increasing customer demands are met in accordance with reasonable waiting times and fair service concept. Thanks to this feature, the demands and requests of the customers are met and the public works are functioning in a regular and healthy manner.

With these systems, the waiting periods of the customers, the quality of the service, the duration of the service and the type of the service will be entered into a systematic system in order to provide the continuation of the service in the next process is very important in terms of predicting the features.

Checking Branches and Solving Sectoral Problems

The institutions serving as the headquarters are very important for controlling the branches connected to them through a single system, for sending the bottlenecks that may occur in the branches and for achieving healthy functioning.

As it is known, in old times, patient queues in hospitals were growing like an avalanche with large waiting times. However, this system is no longer long queues instead of time-oriented services are left behind the problems are left.

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