(English) You can get everything under control

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(English) You can get everything under control

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Resource planning can be done correctly with patient flow management solutions, which reduce service times at different service points. Thanks to the systems where patient and patient relatives’ data flow is ensured uninterrupted, customer recognition needs are best met. This time-saving application for users is also necessary to ensure fair management. Thanks to technologies that enable effective communication with customers, performance & satisfaction measurement can be done in real terms.
Easy-to-use Touch Screens
Qsystem devices equipped to meet the needs of each user have easy operation. The software provides the most information about the user with short questions and allows the visitors with special status to be evaluated differently. In simple terms, systems that are seen only as a row-making machine can be integrated with various auxiliary details. Matters that give the cards with the corporate logo, transaction time, service place and estimated waiting time can be designed in different forms depending on the application area.
Qmagic units that can be used as a dashboard or as an information panel can support the energy in the environment as an advertising medium. Table-top units can be tailored to the needs of the organization with different interface applications. LCD screens are suitable for easy use of visitors from different age groups. A corporate logo can also be used in units which are also used as welcome screens.
Support your device with CRM Software!
Qmagic devices, which offer many advantages, can be updated with support from technology. The necessary measures can be taken for periodic and regional densities through the systems that enable the evaluation of the information coming from the branches at the centre. By means of devices that have software that enables the strengthening of customer relationships, past transaction transactions of the applicant can be observed instantaneously. Unlimited combination of systems that can be defined by criteria can be provided when necessary.
Thanks to the systems focusing on customer satisfaction

, daily, hourly, weekly and monthly data can be evaluated as tables and reports. It is also easy for managers to change the personnel traffic in the presence of castings that ensure detailed and accurate performance measurement. The patient accesses are done without losing time thanks to the dialects that provide effective planning. New generation solutions provide the right supply and demand.
The first contact with the customer is important …
Kiosk models that establish the first communication with the visitors can be prepared to support the corporate identity. Thanks to the system that transmits the necessary information to both the user and the employee, acceptance is made by preparing for patients, customers or users. Products that increase service efficiency and decrease service life also play a positive role in ensuring customer loyalty.
Thanks to the technologies needed to relax the environment, streamline the work, make it easier to follow up and meet the expectations, you can go one step ahead of your competitors. Take advantage of emerging technologies to satisfy your existing customers and win new customers.

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