kiosk systems can be designed according to corporate identity

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kiosk systems can be designed according to corporate identity

Qmagic queuing systems that come to mind when it comes to corporate identity and quality service can be personalized. You can extend your usage areas by choosing the one that suits your needs from the models that have a wide range of use, from appointment management to meeting visitors, front panel applications to advertising and promotion.

How is the branch control provided?

While increasing the quality of the service provided within the branch, dealership applications can be controlled under the supervision of systems that provide advantages in personnel efficiency.

* Different colour combinations

* Personalized design and

* Customer expectations can be met at the ideal level thanks to the front panel software.

Technology can be closely followed with kiosk models with pedestal or desktop combinations. In line with products with innovative appearance

, sequence management operations are easily programmed. Satisfaction surveys can be organized with the help of wall-mounted LCD TV screens.

Interactive panels, which play an important role in the organization of daily business plans and future targets, are used in performance monitoring and analysis and reporting needs.

Meet your innovative system needs with innovative technologies!

Products designed in accordance with the corporate image, maintenance-free. Models with different processing capacity should be selected according to needs. In-house inspections can be carried out from outside the institution, accompanied by different language options or alphabet-supported devices.

In addition to the daily work plan, the products that are preferred for personal efficiency, ensure the difference between service quality and competitors.

Terminals that operate independently of computers may have colour and appearance compatible with their corporate identity. Systems that affect the quality of the experience of the first time the company meets with the visitors at the same time, enables the management of queue management needs to be solved with a professional understanding.

With the help of Qsystem technologies focusing on unconditional customer satisfaction, you can deliver the advertising works you have planned for your brand directly to the target audience.

Complete Service with Guiding Panels

Direction panels are used to maintain order, especially in workplaces with intense mobility. Systems that focus on the expectations of the customers without the need for personnel and that allow the bank to open in accordance with the intensity of work are supported by the latest technologies.

Choosing the right kiosk can provide a complete information transfer to the visitors. Personalization of the customer experience is supported by evaluating the information received correctly. Patient flow management systems that enable the visitors to be directed to the right place in the first place are compatible with the company identity in terms of aesthetics.

Thanks to the devices that can meet the changing demands in accordance with the working system, details can be reported in the relevant units and service and performance measurements can be made. Not only for the visitors to have a pleasant experience, but also for the business environment to be more spacious, the attention-grabbing products ensure that the changing needs are met quickly.

Instead of waiting in front of the bank, policlinic, class or box office, a comfortable and contemporary service area can be created with devices that provide more comfortable areas. By increasing the quality of the experiences that are effective on customer preferences, targets can be progressed more easily, quickly and surely.

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