Patient Management System Features

Patient Management System Features

Managing patient flow is very important for patient satisfaction. Patient Trak offers patient flow solutions that can be used in any healthcare environment where the patient needs to manage the flow process. Our solutions are used to detect visual flow, bottlenecks and to help plants improve patient flow. From single provider applications to large hospital groups, to multisite health facilities, our systems are both affordable and scalable.

Health Clinic, Outpatient and Hospital Unit Patient Monitoring System – Import appointments from your appointment system and follow user-defined ve activities ı, such as check-in time until treatment time. Manage room usage by defining used / under-used rooms. Set up a manual or automatic alerts and create custom reports for analysis of patient flow. Standard reports include Average Waiting and Treatment Times, Peak Times by Region, Time Between Activities, and more.

Record, Patient Monitoring and Efficiency System – Manage registration effectively. Determine the average time required to record patients and track which resources record patients more efficiently. Eliminate phone calls to other departments and easily manage alar transitions arı to patients’ Standing Services. Increase patient satisfaction by shortening the waiting time, eliminating the patient misplaced or overseeing, and following the lobby and departmental waiting sequences. Notifications can be sent based on user-defined criteria, such as patients waiting for too much time. Identify bottlenecks in registration and patient access service processes. Standard reports include Number of Patients, Intensive Times, Desktop Usage, and more.

Emergency Service, Clinical Execution and Emergency Care Center Patient Monitoring System – When patients arrive, they enter the PatientTrak system, which immediately records the waiting time, the chief complaints and the conditions. User-defined es activities lar enable your hospital to monitor the times of any function or task desired, helping to improve patient flow. You can set custom alerts and send email notifications to better identify and inform long patient waiting times and delays. Standard reports include Length of Stay, Number of Patients, Peak Times and more.

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