Productivity Offering Qsystem

Patient Management System

Productivity Offering Qsystem

Customer satisfaction is always at the forefront for different sectors around the world. To create a key customer potential is accurate and systematic and working is of great importance. In particular, qsystem, which will reduce the waiting period and provide a solution from the base of the queue problem, is among the technological solutions that provide effective solutions. Every step of the organization should be planned in order to achieve effective efficiency during the day and to ensure that the customers are satisfied. The system that makes this plan and orders effective, solves the complexities that may occur.

Comfort with Patient Flow Management System

One of the most important advantages provided by the system is the simultaneous planning comfort provided by patient flow management. Regardless of the studies carried out in different institutions and organizations in terms of patients, it organizes the arrangements. For example, it takes a shorter period of time for maintenance work. At the same time, the bed capacity is raised to the highest point.

Organized support is obtained in combination, as it takes the entire organization in a common plan. Thus

, a satisfactory supply-demand arises and patient care is carried out much more effectively. Therefore, many different sectors together with the patients nowadays offer an effective solution. This high-tech system, which is used in many different hospitals around the world, continues to enter tens of thousands of institutions every year.

Efficient Working Environment with Qmagic

Qmagic provides an effective solution for a more efficient and orderly organization of an organization to be realized. Qmagic, also known as queuing system software, provides an effective presentation of many different works. For example, reporting, templates, voice announcements and many more features are supported.

It is evaluated not only in hospital areas but also in many different sectors which will come to mind together with the airport. Thus, staff and customers can be followed more regularly. It also offers powerful savings in use. The system, which has many references all over the world, has provided much greater confidence.

Kiosk System

Systems that establish mutual contact with appointment or appointment client come to the fore as kiosks. Under the flow method, it can also be referred to as the heart of the system. It has the principle of working without any computer. Thus, the necessary needs for all customers can be programmed with the patients. The advantage of the display is information on the sequence number, promotional messages, fees to be paid and life information such as the meter or clinic.

Advantages of Qsystem

Qmagic is of great importance in order to strengthen service efficiency in different sectors. Particularly in the name of an effective management procedure, the system offers a direct advantage. It provides great convenience to keep the queues in the order in order to achieve customer satisfaction. There are factors such as detailed productivity reports, optimizing resource allocation for administrators. Thus, the customer flow increases. This system offers the best methods to avoid loss of customers due to a bad tail.

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