What Are the Features of Patient Management System


What Are the Features of Patient Management System

As a healthcare provider, your first priority is caring for patients — and the buildup of everyday tasks like paperwork, scheduling and billing can get in the way of that. What is patient management software anyway? A patient management system is also known as clinic management software, patient manager software, medical patient software or medical practice management software (MPM). It refers to a number of efficient automated systems designed for tracking patient information, diagnoses, prescriptions, interactions and encounters within healthcare organizations like medical clinics or hospitals. Some of these software applications focus on general patient management while others address specific processes such as inpatient tracking or blood testing. What they all have in common is that they make your job as a care provider smoother and more manageable. The FDA now considers software like this its own category of software as a medical device, so it’s important to know what’s what in this field!

The Clinical Patient Management System (CPMS) is a web-based clinical software application providing a secure platform which aims to support ERNs in improving the diagnosis and treatment of rare or low prevalence complex diseases across national borders of Member States in Europe. The platform enables healthcare professionals to collaborate and assist each other in patient cases. The CPMS will provide improvements in patient care, diagnosis and treatment since Healthcare providers will have access to a platform which enables them to communicate with highly specialised Healthcare Provider Representatives of each European Reference Network. This is a huge undertaking and there is no such multinational clinical system currently in existence. The system is supported by Virtual Communication Tools and DICOM viewers to facilitate the interaction between clinicians. This allows for all data to be stored on one secure platform where clinicians can also communicate and invite others to participate. Each user must request access to the CPMS system through the Software as a Service website, this is so that each person can be fully authenticated before accessing patient cases. The CPMS also requires two-step authentication when logging in and so some brief documents have been created to guide users on using these systems.

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